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Aorus X3 V3 Laptop Review

Aorus X3 V3 Laptop Review

are you looking for an awesome 13-inch laptop with incredible gaming performance well this could be the one for you stick around for the full review of the ARS x3 v3 check our website at tech team gb card at UK from what info on both this and many other products and also up-to-date news on all things tech stick around for this awesome video this is an incredibly deceptive device it’s got a lot of power but doesn’t really show it take a look at the general aesthetics you can see there’s mountain bike on our own with a sort of mirror finish arrows logo on the back and as I said just generally is very so subdued in its looks despite the performance it’s actually a really thin laptop but and you’ll generally pretty usable when pretty light as well I’d say just shy of 23 millimeters and about 1.

8 kilograms all in and does come with a fairly big power brick but that’s to be expected with their main 70 m and an i7 so yeah can I just trade off now in terms of i/o take a look on the right who got a speaker as well as an SD card slot 2 USB 3 ports on the power button as other Kensington lock mini displayport hdmi USB 3 0 audio jacks at have fun and also a speaker you also on the back yet the alien not to be used with aileen where you know ventilation ports as well as dcn and a killer Ethernet jack taking a look at the general usability of it is actually a fantastically fantastic device to use on a daily basis take a run with you or just generally do anything with I went on a bit of a road trip with it and it’s actually really useful for things I’m video editing and on our jazz and they even found that the trackpad is one of the best that I’ve seen it’s got sort of a glossy you know glass finish on top which can it doesn’t make sense because that’s the only place you’ll ever put your finger every single time you use the device but nonetheless it’s a fantastic you know actual trackpad two finger scrolling is very tactile click is fantastic and generally speaking the only thing I didn’t like about the usability was the speakers that are on the side for some reason which kind of just shoot the sound away from every possible place and the keyboard personally isn’t my favorite to actually type on and even though it does have the macro keys and a proper layout with the enter key being nice and big it’s just not my personal favorite is backlit white LED backpack though and yeah you do get those macro keys as well which technically speaking because you can change the color of the the button at the top that actually corresponds to which profile you’re on so if you have it on one profile you get five you can basically you can have up to 25 different macro keys all assigned very easily though just to give you an idea of how ludicrous this laptop is it’s actually a quad HD 3200 by 1,800 displayed it’s incredibly beautiful you will be playing in games at 1080p and upscaling it but it’s incredibly beautiful so that’s that you know something to bear in mind now here’s a quick audio test running the laptop and unigine band hat unigine benchmark and yeah here’s what it kind of sounds like it up against the desk so what is quite load especially when is up against you know like on a desk up against the wall but with the temperatures not reaching more than 85 degrees as I’ve phoned in pretty much any game that’s not too bad for a laptop especially considering the size in the performance there to give you an idea it really isn’t that much of you know a gaming only device is fantastic for a general media consumption except for the fact that the speakers are on the side which is just generally quite strange but some things like video editing actually edited half of this video on the other slap tops so that’s definitely something to say for it and it’s definitely a fantastic device take a look at the actual performance numbers obviously because this is a 3dmark score you can check it out online and see what you actually you know what this compares to but it’s a pretty good score considering with some 970 em and i 747 at ten HQ and in whatever ram configuration you end up getting in terms of general games we’re seeing between 1470 FPS on 1080p on sort of high to ultra settings GTA 5 is no exception with 50 FPS dirt rally on ultra was a 71 FPS at 1080p which is pretty incredible we were also seeing you know things like a set of 62 while far cry 4 verse 45 FPS but you know unigine heaven was was about 56 FPS average as well so it’s definitely a fantastic device if you’re looking for that you know a small gaming laptop and but yes stick around for the pros and cons real quick as well as whatever scores and awards we get and just my general opinion supporting amazing device obviously it’s a 14 inch device laptop and that’s pretty incredible for everything you get with it off says says you got a 97 TM an i7 4710 HQ you actually get three and two slots in here and my one is only populated with 15 12 gig SSD but in theory you can put three in here so that’s pretty awesome in terms of general usability I know that these the a show so have you know the speakers aren’t that great because on the site for some reason and the events while and they look awesome do get quite load with the amount of airflow they push the rhythm but besides that this is a pretty fantastic device actually took it over a trip with me and I was able to use it as if it was my desktop I in Seoul gt5 and played played the night away you know I did actually watchdog hula even though the speakers are a bit weird but I did and it was alright and yeah it was just a really nice experience I can’t really say too many bad things about it in terms of pros and cons and it’s basically just that it’s a fantastic device great power great looking and the only thing is that there are minor usability issues with the speakers being on the side and the fan noise being quite load but then again for the temperatures you yeah that’s that’s pretty worth it i think in terms of scores going to have for that money it’s not the cheapest laptop and but for the power you get in there she respects and hardware with up to three end or two slots mine only populated by a foundry gig SSD you but you cannot have up to three stars awesome it’s going to get a fourth of a bully it’s also a 5-4 performance because for this size and comparing it something like that msi gs-13 which relies on the big gaming doc this is incredible and incredible performance as well and you also get pretty much the same performance is something like edgy s60 so that’s really cool as well let me know the comments if there’s anything similar to this that you think you should take a look at and i’ll try and get a hold of one um in terms of that sort of functionality it’s gonna get a four because it’s a fantastic touchpad and the keyboard is pretty good it’s just not like personal favorite the speakers a bit weird but battery life is great i run about four hours off charge for general use in about an hour gaming for something that that’s this size is it that’s pretty incredible and personally at least in terms of style it’s also gonna get a four because personally I actually like a flare of exuberance in there in laptop design which is why i like the msi gs70 and gs70 a lot but I’m doing really quite like the look of this especially these girls on the back in terms of detecting VV score it’s actually getting at a 5 because it’s a fantastic little device and I love it to bits no and if I could keep it I probably would it’s actually I’m no struggling to tell whether I’d buy one of these are a GS 60 with my money if I have to buy one it’s a tough choice and it’s definitely gonna get the gamer approved award it’s definitely a gaming friend device and technically speaking you could also get the worth money award because it’s definitely worth your money if you’re looking for a gaming laptop and you want something nice and small and but upset for the game gaming gaming approved award so um yeah it’s pretty much it this video I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you yeah get some information from it if you’re looking for this laptop then hopefully I’ve provided enough information and if I haven’t leave it in the comments down below with what you want to know and i’ll try and get back to you it’s yeah pretty awesome and if you haven’t already check out yo yo tech if then if you’re in the UK i’m not sure if you can buy this specific laptop you can definitely by others if you are interested and general pc hardware and consumer electronics there are in Southeast of England so if you’re anywhere near there are definitely some work to check out if you’re looking for some some cool tech also falls on twitter facebook and check out our other links in the description down below as there are lots of other links to all other places in the world if you’re looking for an affiliate link from us and there yeah and we’ll see you on the next video


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