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Amcrest 1080p webcam setup and review

Amcrest 1080p webcam setup and review

all right welcome everyone today we’re going to be taking a look at the amcrest HD 1080p webcam model AWC201-B I’ve had pretty good luck with amcrest image quality on their security cameras so this webcam should be no different it has a 1/3 inch Sony CMOS image sensor and as noted it is 1080p supporting 1920 by 1080 at 30 frames per second it includes a 4 millimeter lens 70 degree field of view it has a high sensitivity mic and works with USB 2.

0 for plug-and-play operation inside the box here we should have the 1080p HD webcam and included privacy cover threaded tripod attachment and user manual so let’s open it up and see what we have in here this appears to be the privacy cover includes its own tripod I’m inside this plastic bag we have the amcrest webcam and inside the box is the remaining manual and on the back of the manual indicates that since this is a plug and play USB device inside windows it should show up under your device manager under sound video and game controllers as an HD webcam USB if windows picked it up ok so now let’s put this aside and unwrap our goodies and see what we have here ok so yep that is the privacy cover let’s take a better look at the tripod you got your standard and octopus-like tripod with threaded attachment so this camera can use any kind of threaded tripod attachment if you have your own now let’s see what we have here in the main package alright so there’s our webcam on the bottom here you can see the threaded tripod attachment looks like this can flip out yep so if you don’t want to install this amcrest webcam on the tripod that’s included you can set this on the edge of your monitor using this little channel groove here and it kind of just clamps on real nice looks like we have a generous amount of USB cord to reach where we need to get to on our computer if it’s a little bit farther away the amcrest webcams USB cord is 6 feet in length but it is hard attached to the camera here on the back so if you need to extend that beyond the six-foot length you would need to get some sort of adapter to connect it to another USB cable to reach your computer but I don’t think that should be a problem in most people’s situations and on the left side of the amcrest webcam you can see the microphone port and the 4mm lens there dead center with the amcrest logo to the right so now we’re going to go ahead and install this amcrest webcam into my computer and then do some video comparisons so i’m going to mount this on top of my monitor and if you’re not happy with the angle of the camera you can actually tilt it up and down while keeping it mounted on the top of your screen so as soon as I plugged in the amcrest webcam to my USB port it was picked up by Windows as a webcam and started up right away you don’t get any kind of actual control software to use with the Amcrest webcam so it’s gonna be reliant upon any kind of recording software that you have on your computer whether that be something like the adjustments you get out of Skype or Google Hangouts or like open broadcast studio OBS something like that now in the back here I have my Canon 70d DSLR mounted now on the monitor in front of me I have my amcrest webcam and now we’re gonna go ahead and switch over to the amcrest webcam now so that you can compare and here we are and as you can see all of our vertical lines they kind of get let’s see if I can do this in the mirror they kind of get this fisheye distortion in the background and that’s due to the four millimeter lens which gives you a huge like a very wide field of view off the camera and you’ll notice that the colors are a little bit washed out and like way off compared to you know a really expensive camera so this is decent alright so now to test out the microphone on the amcrest webcam right now you’re listening to me off of this dedicated microphone down below so now I’m gonna go ahead and read off some very riveting information out of the manual here while you’re listening to me through the amcrest webcams microphone so that you can hear the difference in audio quality know the webcam does not require the use of additional software to function all adjustments to quality or other settings would be performed by the third-party software that is being used to view your camera alright so now we’re back and as you could probably tell that audio sound it’s super muffled and low I’m not that far away at all as you can see like we’re pretty close here and it’s kind of a deal breaker for me that my quality’s unacceptable if you’re trying to use this as like a stand-alone webcam the video is acceptable to me so as a workaround if you wanted to use just a very cheap you know 1080p webcam for just video and get yourself an external mic I think you’d be you know 100% a-ok this is certainly a step up from a lot of people’s like 720p webcams the resolution certainly there where you could have a nice face-to-face conversation with someone at work you know obviously we’re in these wonderful coronavirus times all right so I’m going to be putting more information about this amcrest webcam down in the description of the video below and if you have any other questions be sure to hit me up in the comments section please click on the like button if you found this video review helpful consider subscribing to my channel I really appreciate it and thanks for watching


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