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Amazon Fire Phone Review

Amazon Fire Phone Review

hi Dave Taylor here again and this time I want to talk about this device this is an Amazon fire phone now the sad news is I hear from industry sources that if they’re really not selling very well which is too bad because Amazon’s done some really cool things with this device one of which is they actually set the price incredibly cheap with a two-year AT&T contract and this is only an AT&T phone it’s 99 cents so this is a 99-cent phone now when they introduced it it was considerably more expensive but I think Amazon realized hmm we’re competing with the big guys with the samsung’s in the apples and we need to rethink our pricing so the 99 cent is relatively new but what makes this interesting is that it has a couple of core technologies that I haven’t seen in any other mobile devices the most interesting of which is they have something called dynamic perspective now I don’t know if I’ll be able to show you this actually on the camera let’s get this thing turned on but the idea of dynamic perspective is see if you can see that yeah I don’t think it’ll work on a camera but it’s sort of the way a lenticular photo work so if you’ve seen those posters where as you walk past it changes the image and that’s done by having sort of multiple tiny strips now this obviously works differently but it’s a really exaggerated 3d and it there’s a couple of games that they’ve gotten developed for this but even just the screen savers tend to be really cool it is in fact an android phone but like a kindle it actually has its own version of android and in fact the interface the experience of using this is very much like using a kindle so they have the carousel and you swipe past so so that’s kind of cool but at the same time if you are just a general android phone user it might be a little frustrating that you have to go through the Amazon experience instead trade-offs another thing that’s really interesting is they have what they call fire by technology and this is sort of the ultimate capitalist tool basically it’s like a camera app where every time you take a photo it tries to analyze what’s in this picture could you buy this here it is hey you can just buy it with one click on amazon so if you’re at the bookstore if you’re at a friend’s house if you’re at a party you see something you like a video a book even products in the kitchen you can just literally just scan it with the Firefly technology and boom it’ll say here you go here it is for sale you want to buy it so that’s actually pretty cool is it life or death is it something that makes this you know valuable as a phone and you know in reality most of us don’t actually buy that much stuff so it feels a little gimmicky now the third thing that they actually have us there you know Prime signature features is they have something called made a handmade a is actually really cool and they also have it on the Kindles the idea is it’s a one button you tap on it and then someone at amazon central actually is there live in a little tiny video window and i can’t really show you much of this i’ll try to get some footage to slice in but it’s really hard to do that because the phone screens pretty small compared to the camera so i apologize for this but made a is interesting because it’s a live chat with an actual human being and they can see your phone screen so they can actually go and they can say oh you’re in the wrong app so quit that app there you go okay now you’re in the right app now tap on that little button on the lower left there you go hope that was helpful and that’s really neat because a lot of people you know for all that we talked about how these smartphones are also well designed the fact is is a lot of them are really ridiculously complicated and I know I get tons of questions about how to do this on my iPhone how to do that on my samsung how to do this on my HTC so having live support it’s actually a pretty slick idea now one of the other things you get with the phone is you get one year of amazon prime so if you’re not an amazon prime then you’re probably not hardcore like I am but amazon prime one of the big things that gets you is to get you really good shipping so you get two day shipping for free every time you buy something but it also gives you access to the Amazon video live stream on they call it prime instant video there’s Prime music which has like some 90 million songs or something and there’s also a kindle lending library which is kind of interesting so if you’re a prime member there’s over half a million books so you can download and read for free in your kindle app so that’s pretty slick and here’s another one that’s kind of cool with this phone when you register it with amazon then you actually get free unlimited photo storage on their cloud server so if you are a complete camera nut then that’s a nice feature me and I kind of like to delete the bad pictures but you might be different anyway that’s the deal and so this is the kindle fire phone like I said it’s 99 cents if you get a 2-year contract on AT&T or you’re eligible for an upgrade otherwise this is a 449 dollar device if you don’t want it with any contract at all there’s a lot I really like about it but just like with things like the blackberry it’s really hard to be off the main track and there are really two primary pads that people are taking with smartphones and that is the iOS apple iphone world and there’s the Android world but they tend to be stock Android phones like Samsung of course with it’s very good selling galaxy line so having something like this it is Android base but it’s a very amazon experience and the features that they have I don’t know that they really justify getting something that no one else in your neighborhood is going to have and because then you get into things like all the accessories and peripherals getting cases you know speakers where you can dock it directly all that sort of stuff it’s just hard I mean it’s hard to not be in one of those two major systems so I like it but honestly I wouldn’t have one so you might look at differently go into an AT&T store and check it out because especially I have to say the whole dynamic perspective thing is really cool it’s really quite striking when you try it for yourself is it enough to make you get this phone that’s something you’ll have to decide for yourself so this is dave taylor and i’ll see you in my next video


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