Home Phone Reviews Amazon Fire Phone Review – Specs & Features – HD

Amazon Fire Phone Review – Specs & Features – HD

Amazon Fire Phone Review – Specs & Features – HD

hey guys which means video are called the specs and features of the Amazon phone that has unveiled like a couple of days ago so Amazon fire phone so starting off from the display we have a 4.7 inch display with 720p HD resolution and 350 15 PPI which is same as the galaxy s3 PPI zulema bluemont better than the galaxy s3 so it’s a IPS LCD display and also in terms of the internal software we have the android 4.

4 point to fire OS 2.50 UI which is a mixture of you know amazon customization and in terms of the camera we have 830 maxell camera on the back catalogue of recording a 1080p HD video at 30fps with 2.1 member so front-facing camera in total the internal hardware we have a snapper kader processor which is basically a four core processor clocked at 2.

2 gigahertz with the adrenal 230 as a graphics graphics kit inside this and also in terms of the RAM we have a 2gb of RAM same and also the built-in storage is 64 gigabyte and there is no option to expand the storage via microSD slot so and also in terms of the battery we have a to ptolem forum link bar battery which should be okay for it 720p HD display and in terms of the this piece we have the LTE connectivity and also kind of stuff it comes with the processor and also there will be a very good sport fort from the amazon store like a small token store for this Amazon fire phone and yes and it will perform very good as compared to the Nexus 5 just because of its a quad-core phone running at 720p display reality Nexus 5 runs a 1080p display so it will be a better phone in terms of the performance as far as the benchmark goes and the price is very good which is dollar 299 almost Weiner dollars and and the device will be we’re going to be releasing optionally at 25 to lie on 25 July 2014 with the same date as for the galaxy s5 sport with the rubber design i’ll give me a video about that you can check out my channel so yes thanks what you guys and subscribe for more videos more stuff and I will see you in the next video peace out


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