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Alienware x51 Unboxing

Alienware x51 Unboxing

hey guys this is Henry bringing you another unboxing and today we have the Alienware x51 with 16 gigs of ram 2 terabyte hard drive and intel core i7 and an NVIDIA GeForce graphics card so let’s get into it this model is the 1349 dollar one if you guys are wondering so let’s just get into it I can’t a screwdriver amazing that’s why I open a box stab it witness for the driver all right okay so the first thing we’ve got in the box I believe is the power cable power adapter oh there and this is a keyboard right here so let’s get into it so right here we’ve got some operators discs warranty user guys and then this is the resource DVD then here oh well this is nice you got a mini HDMI cuz I’m in the HDMI to a normal HDMI because it has one eight to do my boy that’s really nice and then any that the master power right all right here let’s just put it next to like there it is next to the toolbox it’s absolutely massive there it goes so then we have the part that plugs into the wall right there pretty standard and then we have an alienware sticker which is really nice because it’s awesome so let’s look into the keyboard now now most people don’t know you can get this for free with the kit with the price because they don’t charge you everything for it which is nice so this is actually a really nice keyboard I made it a nice cure this is a really nice office like oh wow the keys feels so nice has a nice volume stuff you know all the good stuff and then we have that Oh yep order delivered just got here and oh it even has a little le Marquis that’s awesome this is awesome I love this so much so I’ll be right back when I get the computer so what I have to do to get this computer out is you have to have it on the side cuz it’s – it’s not that big yeah there it is beautiful look at how beautiful it is it’s beautiful so let’s take it out I’ll be right back okay so I got it out so here are the port’s you get not an HDMI that’s not making too much so what you get is you get audio out then you get fun two USB ports LAN port then you get some audio then get an HDMI adapt to DVI and an HDMI adapter power port no front you get it sir get the Jamaat USB ports party win audio out and a suit in this thing so just so you can have it be on either side which is really nice yeah I’ll be right back with it all set up okay so I got it all set up with my dumb line there there’s my iMac snowball you know etc and here’s that mini HDMI to normal HDMI adapter and the way I know it’s HDMI is I have mini demise I have this little camera and it has been HDMI so that’s so let’s do first boot up so I press the power button go to work no I don’t think I’ll be right back it’s connecting focus okay and then it just says I’m gonna customize yes you know yes okay all right okay yeah and use Bing to get some search suggestions okay what off an explorer use page – rich okay no sure sure sure sure yeah I’ll be right back okay so let’s see next setting up my account array that’s good finalizing your settings that’s great it’s just what I want oh hi we’re setting up things for you saying things are free that’s great you can get new apps from the store that’s cool that’s fun okay just that all I can do with my computer you can get new apps from the store that’s all I can do installing your apps yay I actually like a lot of these colors they’re really nice they’re very peaceful oh oh no it’s taken care of a few things that’s good that’s very good and you know what I notice which no one really known which no one really has ever touched them that I’ve seen that is also on the little keys down here just cool also the lights turned on I didn’t really show that but they did oh yeah it comes like blaring out Oh the volume works that’s awesome probably Oh do not turn don’t turn off your PC okay I’m not come on focus oh and also this alright I’ll give you the rundown of this this is the let’s find it this one email okay let’s scroll down okay this is me I know from Iman okay this is the oh let’s start let’s start yes it’s turn no bright this is cool oh yes download now totally ok this is awesome oh this is nice I like this but I’m gonna make this large but why not large go this is cool I like this where’s this uh try totally let’s test it out okay get started totally let’s test it out okay run yes that was super easy sweet is that really low no it’s 12:41 I have the long I have the wrong clock okay next yes except next next next take a look but I need to change the adjust date and time change date and time it needs to be 12:41 there we go oh that’s great cool okay that’s fun all right I need to install AVG close the program then of course let’s go AVG AVG official download here we go get this great all right I don’t know okay I went to install I need all the runtimes cuz I used to from some time there another iTunes Spotify QuickTime Player I’ll install steam escape yes Google Chrome classic start malwarebytes avg actually no I don’t want this and Dolby reader to PDF that’s it alright okay get installer yes run yes that’s simply download installer oh I forgot oh yes I didn’t good Spotify good different okay installing chrome is good let’s go yes sir no there’s not okay good you have new apps I could open a web page it’s great okay Google Chrome because Google Chrome is the best now I know now let’s go I need to change count picture browse I’m gonna go back and get it all started I’ll be back okay so I got things set up and let’s try changing the color do you like it my screen okay they changed okay this is awesome let’s change all them to like a red well that’s cool that’s really cool my scene it’s up to old bones let’s try I think black is just off yeah black is just off it’s like those bones let’s make it pink huh let’s try yellow not like the green like a lighter green would be nice now I’m gonna get blue to match my computer like yeah like death that’s nice no and look you can this is awesome this is cool I love this oh yes oh yes yes there we go okay and I have Internet let’s see if I can sign on this bottle okay you see I love it okay Turo it like 10 okay looking in okay Windows Firewall this blocks its features okay it’s about if it’s up and run turn it down bit test it out yeah it works this is great alright can we minimize that so it’s installing a bunch of other stuff let’s see and that’s like blends in so Oh Nvidia control panel that’s cool right so I want to get more themes online I have a certain theme that eats for everything reflections this is actually that everything I love this one so then we go open it and then it unpacks it and then it applies it okay and then I simply change it to Denton every second and Save Changes and can you change my color back to this no yeah it was this Save Changes but I’d like transparency let’s turn transparency yeah yeah I like it like more vibrant all right yeah look at that look at how beautiful it is also I need to change my user I always have a little dog lists Henry so save sign into Chrome okay so now I’m signed in with my channel with friends and I’d shown so now we have our general hooked up it’s installing my um malwarebytes and stuff up in that to test my but let’s see if that I can use this as a yes let’s see if I can file new no this is what I need the farm okay that’s crime annoy so AVG and I’m malwarebytes okay that’s great got all my amazing things all hooked up and I think I get 20 gigs for free actually I know you do junk box okay I’ll sign in actually no I don’t want to I do not want to yes and see customize oh what’s that tell you our effects wait does that change okay that’s nice I need to also go here I need to go to back and I want to get rid of all this and I want to just get the classic start because that’s for free gentlemen let’s get chose classic star all right yes that’s the only one run that’s the only thing yes I do want that to make changes to my computer okay and I think this is the only one so hey guys if you enjoyed this video 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