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Alienware Plays Dauntless – Alienware Area-51 Gaming PC

Alienware Plays Dauntless – Alienware Area-51 Gaming PC

hey everyone welcome back to their YouTube channel I’m work on and your Anna Marie Roxy soft chick Roxy soft chick and we’re gonna be playing dauntless why because we play this game a lot and it’s stupid that we haven’t made a freakin video yet for it yeah yeah so dauntless is a behemoth hunting no but he must slaying game now if you take up a source and you put those words in there you might find what this game kind of finds its inspiration from and we have some a new exclusive stuff like Anna and a guy like the Alienware and she also gives you a flare in the air I can’t do but it does the only where bat-signal in the air lets you know that other fellow Alienware Ian’s because that’s what I’m gonna call y’all are in peril and that’s where you gotta go find your you with this lake and the combat the comments very similar to Dark Souls the way that Dark Souls combat is and that’s why I like it I like it so much because that that’s we three Dark Souls combat and it’s an open beta I guess we’re all ready to kill chirag now these guys are gonna say hey you guys suck we don’t look as fancy I know you been fighting the rock lizard what is this that we haven’t even on this island what are those people say that I don’t think so yeah alright so we’re gonna go hunt a I think this is the first time in and I have recorded dauntless and we’ve had a full party we’ve never had a few never had a party which makes me believe that this thing is going to ruin our day and I shoot your flare cuz that guy’s flare sucks two years I mean we’re ian is in peril help oh god Michael in front of me I was looking at the Scotty angry recognize all right wait whoa oh my god I knew he was gonna poop I saw it coming yeah not only did you I don’t need to be part but oh cool damn what what you doing okay okay he’s gonna poop is there poop yo you’re cool I’m really like hurting you come back I want to hurt you more give me your place what are you sniffing for sniffing is is free hits it goes you decide to do things Oh Q is my he’s gonna fire you know yeah papaya oh yeah no that’s sweet no don’t make me waste my super special super attackee I’m standing in it standing the fire DPS higher oh my god but I DPS tired of his but he’s not a gentleman run gentlemen gentlemen run gentlemen would you oh I don’t care about that yeah I just rolled the long sides – oh that was almost on me sweat oh you pushed me on it you’re not a cool guy you’re not invited to my party needs to go away I know it helps the DPS but I need whoa calm down your Pokemon keep moving I died again oh my god somebody coming to get you I think so cuz I can’t this guy’s turning my side of him I tried to drink I’m getting up I’m getting up I have to okay this this needs to this needs to stop this needs to stop because I can’t bps it wasn’t hitting you I was I got to pick up this bro oh no he’s super saiyan on top of him we want to get you we want to get you I can’t I don’t want you dead I’m um he’s gonna do something watch I rolled under him come on breathe bro breathe bro okay okay okay we get it you’re raging calm down calm down calm down come on smell my hand smell my hand calm down girl I’m friendly it smell like swimming in Oh okay oh my that was almost my face oh no he fell again I’m coming for you friend oh he body-block worry not friend I’m here for you oh you chilled out huh all right you lot you’re freaking what oh my god my bod I’m gonna quickly uh is there any outlaw I can drink no everyone drink it all everyone drink the cocoa for you everybody grab take a cue to the face yeah check I’m super in the corner no he’s just doing something in the air like my mating call do the lizard thing with your throat so I can hit you more fire why yeah why yeah oh no no no no no oh no not this again oh no I don’t like this thing that’s so fight disease super saiyan mode when he’s like this i mean i was earlier man dude you fell it’s killing me i’m down in the corner with the suit you’re not gonna look like things are getting dangerous things have been dangerous since since minute one he’s like sitting on top of you guys pick up pick up – boy no he just threw a rock at our bodies you’re a jerk no no your oh my god I’m so tense right now water my is disabled it’s disabled I can’t pick you up defeat or drive off the human oh my god oh my god we’ve never failed never we’ve never had this happen the stakes never been so I’d be careful oh okay it’s the guy on the ground saying oh you left you left so much sweat my face I see the area one oh my god hello listen listen up here’s the story about a lizard guy that’s made of fire and all day and all night he shoots fire and belly flop sweat drops isn’t a word I made it up in panic no one add that to your essays in school not Wikipedia so Kate now Roy rocks when she heard the news from her teacher again a super booty front bop first of all I was pressing spacebar okay and by sleeper I mean I was actually getting it would help with my flashes hit the box okay Oh Super Saiyan run gentlemen if you’re on fire roll it doesn’t help oh he even put the thing on fire or is that just just where it landed that’s where it landed look at me look at me nope turn it to you suddenly oh oh not ready for that me neither he was looking right at me how’s he doing selfish I can’t drink boys drinking these things like immediately I had to like write up my ear I’ll wait over here I’m trying to get that good come some actions meet you I’m there with you Oh put some so hard just now yeah give me the stuff that falls what is he doing what the heck is with his body right now oh he’s fast come come come come after us you fool what are you doing what’s this oh look in the soft world you live in a minute oh oh oh my god he did the thing from Ninja Turtles where there where the drill goes into the ground and a bunch of lava comes up after I’m gonna shoot mine cuz I didn’t get an exclusive one come here creature – you in the face I never know when you wanna hurt me I don’t know how you want certainty either something hit me oh yeah what uh okay sure Oh oh man this guy’s knock you got him I’ll beat him away oh if you fight crazy even the sights I am worth that time butcher oh and he hits me for it Oh what the frock know already bro really you don’t think that’s a little excessive alright alright dead yeah I definitely hope puns complete 30 minutes s+ rank yeah I got deep like is deep but I got all this gold you know how did I get D I guess cuz I got copper for taking little damage that guy burned the hell out of me oh well that was a new level of difficulty that I we didn’t see ever before affecting that usually we just kind of like steamroll yeah we’re like oh this guy’s a jerk easy peasy and no not this one nope definitely heard us and we’ve never we’ve never been in this situation before we’ve never gotten a hundred danger never Danger Danger don’t forget to smash that like button you know I’m talking about and also if you’re new to the channel subscribe or don’t I mean it would be rude right to come here and enjoy my ads running like you could just subscribe it’s the least you could do you know Moo mark on and that’s murray and you can follow us on twitter at aw underscore umar and RX y su RF CGC no act for her don’t add her don’t at me don’t add her skidding okay alright bye guys bye you


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