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hey guys this is CM doing just a quick overview of my new system the alienware area-51 i 7 59 60 x dual 980 16 gig of ram at 2133 1500 watt power supply just the whole shebang this thing is a beast i got it for days ago and I’ve just been waiting to do this to do this video and it’s it is it’s awesome my prior system was I had an a-10 where it was the the are for my 748 20 dual seven 80s that was a nice system but this one is even better and I got it just because I I could basically you know I’ve just over he’s just wanted you know in aiding where system you know the best of the best I mean even you know five or six years ago before I retired out of the army I remember I’m retired 21 years two deployments but I remember being deployed no 709 and just going on in internet and if we had downtime you know you know the sky looking on the phone or whatever but anyway I would go on the websites and just I would check out anywhere and back then oh aight whenever was i think the big video card back then was the GTX 21 take 260 or 275 or 285 or something like that and i remember back then I was like man you know how was this out of reach you know there’s just no way I was going to be able to get it you know but you know Here I am you know 2015 and pretty much got d to me the ultimate PC and I’m just excited let’s take a peek at this day and it’s really easy to get into just pull up on the back right here and pull it off and voila there’s my video cards nice I mean this I mean you really can’t see them because the lighting and I’m like the are for you know but inside of it you know it actually lit up and I don’t think this does as far as i know but anyway that’s it though and as far as you know the system itself it’s it’s just fast you see all my games up here i’ll run all my games at ultra as expected now to field for 160 FPS easy call a dude i’m a bit call of duty fan you know that doesn’t take those games don’t take a lot but yeah and one thing i do like this came with it you know the aiding work command center what are the features that it has which is down here the bottom right right here is the overclocking controls and then you come up here at the top here click on cpu button and you can see I believe it’s at stock this thing comes in at three point oh three gigahertz but as you can see it’s it’s over clock at four then you can expand show all there’s all my processors eight cores and I’m not gonna well I’m not gonna lie I I did I think it was yesterday I kind of messed with the controls and got this up to about a 4.

7 without any issues not playing games and doing whatever and but yeah but I put it back down to the original settings for me it’s not even necessary to even go there because the system’s fast just just by itself you know same thing with them you know the video cards it’s just fine with me but that’s this is a nice touch right here you know then you have your alien adrenaline and FX I’ll be you know all the good stuff um what else did I do Oh before I got rid of the my old system I did a quick heaven benchmark which I thought this was interesting again I had the dual 7 80s with the the 40 820 processor and the heaven benchmark ahead of that ultra extreme AAA at times 8 and the 780 video card it’s a nice card I had a nice score 1167 max FPS at 95 but look at the single 980 score 1637 max FPS at 131 that’s just single and then look at the seven are the SLI setup that’s phenomenal again 780 is nice 2077 but the 980 setup you can see that score for 3000 max FPS 249 and right here I kind of put a little note but I’m running my games this is very interesting you know battlefield call of duty the cards don’t go over 65 degrees Celsius 68 kind of tita dread around there but the 1780s they both maxed out at 80 Celsius you know and that’s a big difference that that’s huge and I’ve noticed too even at idle the video card the 980 is that like 31 degrees the seven 80s would be like around that the high 30s you know 38 39 but yeah but that’s just a little quick benchmark right there and I thought I just jot this down instead of just you know run it through their benchmark Atlantic like you know 10 to 15 minutes yeah but this is it you guys I’m really excited I don’t know what else to to go over but this machine it’s fast it’s quiet I mean listen to this I mean all you can hear is just the waterfalls my wife keep your background I mean this thing is it’s so quiet Minute is it’s fast um I heard let me see something I think I did a wonderful it’s saved I go on PC pit stop every now and then ok I think I might have saved and I did a test result I don’t know if you guys do that as well go to pc pit stop and it’s kind of you know see what your system does but i did this earlier today but it has me this was no this was old this is old let me let’s do a quick let’s do a quick one real quick as i see what that put me at but anyway um but I had a lot of stuff ER in the background because I just wanted to see what it would put me at with a bunch of stuff running in the background of all that’s going I’ll just keep talking um yeah but everything I have everything from anywhere you know they like the keyboard the mouse just a big I’m a huge egg in my fan I mean if you’re thinking about guinea one do it let’s go ahead and do it the customer service has they have up their game a lot I mean for me I mean that’s the reason why I’ve learn with them again I stick with there’s only maybe you know two reps that I that I have ever dealt with in the land two and a half years you know what I mean because I know when you do when you call in you you have a express service code and service tag and then once you get in the system that’s it but a lot of times if you know if I have to call tech support which is I’ll just call them just to ask stupid things you know I just want to just I’m just curious about whatever and i’ll just ask questions because I i just love you know the gaming pcs but i always get the same two people you know and but yeah but the customer service is to me they leave up their game over the years and it’s been excellent for me but here let’s check out pc pit stop and see where they put me at and it’s getting ready to finish up here but my download which is that that’s not a very true download speed 63.

8 eight that’s not right but anyway let’s see what they put me out of here up top two percent that’s not bad I think that’s because the internet was a little slower than usual because normally when I go to this website I mean even if I go like one state over and I do i do a test the download speed CPC pinched up heavy at 63 I come over here um see it’s going all the way down to 100 you know so it might just be I don’t know there’s a lot of people on arm on that side what have you but anyway I just only reason why I showed you that just because you know what they rate this pc at so top two percent and sometimes is equal to top one percent which which it is because this is the number one I love well not the fastest cpu but it’s the top dog to fit to 960 X you know duel 1980s but top 2% I can live without remember that so there’s my speed test so the computers fast my internet is fast everything just screams success but this is my system guys leave comments below be nice but this this is you know this is a dream pc for me i’m excited if you have any questions if you want me to do some benchmark of it like or something like that leave me leave a comment now you know i’ll do a gaming video or alive you know heaven benchmark you know I’ll do that for you not a problem but alright guys thanks for letting me share you have a good one god bless


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