Home Laptop Reviews Alienware 15 R3 Review (GTX 1070) – 25% Thinner!!

Alienware 15 R3 Review (GTX 1070) – 25% Thinner!!

Alienware 15 R3 Review (GTX 1070) – 25% Thinner!!

Hey, how’s it going guys! This is Dave 2D, and this is the review of the Alienware 15 R3. So, it’s been redesigned for 2016. It’s got GTX 10 series cards in it, and it’s got a completely new design aesthetic.

It has the hinge forward design again, like the 13-inch But this model, the 15-inch, was actually easier for me to get used to. The 13-inch has the same hinge but because of the proportions, it just looks nicer on the 15-inch to me.

It’s built well. Aluminum paneling on the top and bottom. The base in particular feels really solid, and when you’re handling a big laptop like this, it’s nice when there’s no chassis flex. It’s thinner than before, by around 25% it’s pretty significant, but it’s still heavy.

A big part of that weight comes from the 99 Watt hour battery. Now this is an optional battery. It is actually the legal limit for how big of a battery you can stick into a laptop. But I’m getting around 6 hours of battery life with it, which is pretty good on a gaming laptop.

To open it up, pretty simple, 7 screws. And once inside, you can upgrade your 2 RAM sticks and your drives. There is room for 4 drives in total. A two and a half inch SATA, and then there is 3 M.2 drives.

A lot of laptops have light-up logos and keyboards, but these side lights, these are fresh. I love them, they’re kind of retro like neon tube lights, but at the same time they’re kind of futuristic, like Tron.

Fully customisable and I think they’re really awesome. On top of these light strips are some ports. There are audio jacks, 3 USB 3’s, but one of them is a type C port, and then on the back we have ethernet, display outputs, thunderbolt 3 port, and the graphics amplifier port.

So, it can connect to all the external GPU’s out there. There’s no SD card slot, which I thought was a little weird, but it is a gaming laptop, and they filled all of the extra space with battery cells, so I’m okay with it.

This unit is running 4K Exo IPS option. Reasonably bright SRGB gamit is good, but the color accuracy is okay, even after calibration it’s not perfect, still it’s an excellent screen for gaming and media consumption.

The webcam looks okay, and it has infrared capabilities for windows hello login. The keyboard has customisable zone lighting, but it has one quirk; The page up and page down keys are near the directional keys, so you might miss-click them at first.

And same with the macro keys; you might be hitting one instead of tilde or escape. But it’s a good keyboard all around. Plush key travel at 2.2mm, and it’s really nice to type on. The track pad is almost identical to last years, and that’s a good thing.

It has that costumisable light-up surface, accurate tracking and the physical buttons have a nice mechanism. Now last year, if you had the 4K display panel, the graphics chips on these laptops weren’t powerful enough to really support 4K gaming.

This year, if you get the GTX 1070, you can get some nice visuals at 4K if you want, but I think 1440p is the sweet spot. Far Cry Primal averaged around 60 frames per second at 1440p on ultra graphics settings.

Doom hovered around a 100 frames per second, maybe a little less on ultra graphics at 1440p. At 4K, it drops to around 50 frames per second, so still very playable. Witcher 3 was averaging around 55 frames per second on ultra at 1440p, and this is with hairworks off.

Only something lighter, like overwatch, can break 60 frames per second at 4K on ultra. But, on a 15-inch screen, I don’t really notice the extra resolution, when I am playing. I got to stop and stare at the pixels.

And if VR is your thing, even the base model with the GTX 1060, is fully VR ready. The speakers are very good. It’s a 15-inch laptop, so the speakers are a good size and have decent base for a laptop.

They distort a little bit at max volume, but overall they sound great. The thermals are good, even though it’s packing a really powerful video card in there. On benchmarks, surface temperatures are still comfortable to use, and there is no throttling.

Fan noise has improved a lot from the previous generation. They still turn on frequently, but they’re much quieter under load. So the redesigned Aleinware 15 starts at 1350 for the base model with a GTX 1060.

We’re getting great build quality in a thin but heavier package. The 4K Exo panel is fast and great for gaming, but lacks perfect color accuracy. The keyboard and trackpad are quite similar to the previous generation.

Both are comfortable to use. On the inside, the GTX 1070 and the skylake 6700HQ push out killer gaming performance and have better thermal management than last year. The 2 RAM slots and the 4 drive bays are easily accessed and upgraded.

And the huge 99 Watt hour battery gets around 6 hours of battery life. Overall, I really like the revamp. The GTX 10 series cards are really great performers. The design aesthetic; I like this one a lot more than the old one, specially the side lights.

And the thermal management is much improved from the previous generation. It’s not an ideal device for content creators. I know I was interested in this for content creation, but the 4K screen doesn’t have perfect color accuracy and it doesn’t have an SD card slot, but if you’re a gamer and you’re looking for strong gaming performance in a really nice looking package, check this one out.

Hope you guys enjoyed this video. Thumbs if you liked it, Subs if you loved it. It’s been nice, I’ll see you guys next time!


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