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he shows your professional contact person in the area of u200bu200bthe inflatable hall the principle of an air dome is as ingenious as it is simple to set up First, set the markings for the ground anchors the anchor system is in the core element for the pillars of the loose construction of the hall We plan with a high degree of certainty and guarantee more than sufficient tensile strength and load-bearing capacity after delivery of the hall components compact blesel entrance sluice and emergency door are attached to the intended positions installed now the construction of the hall construction can begin First, a protective film is laid out against dirt, the first component of the three film system is the two-tone pvc main membrane sie ensures a good view within the and can be adjusted accordingly in the lower area difficult club colors are designed then insulation film and PE protective film laid out all three components zv stabilized and after-drink protection class B1 really classifies its light transmission during the day operation even without lighting in the hall the road network securely connects the cover with the ground anchorage and internal pressure of the construction is regulated via the air duct of the blower An emergency unit is stuck in power failure to continue operation of the compact blower the hall becomes safe via the integrated heating element in the desired temperature there is in the ostduell says here by a special LED lighting system developed for sports halls which is an optimal Access to the playground and sports fields below provides illumination the hall can be controlled via a revolving door or a security gate on request also well secured our hall construction can be on various floor coverings are installed we stand for professional competence quality and reliability from the decision to the planning and We stand with approvals for the successful commissioning of the hall With our know-how at your side, we work closely with the treatment as well as the partners involved and support you on request all questions on the subject from beach volleyball to quick tests revenues possible applications your expert for inflatable hall and official partner of the Bavarian tennis association


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