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AGPTEK HA0021 Call Center Phone Review

AGPTEK HA0021 Call Center Phone Review

hey c-max here I’m gonna do a review on a call center headset that I bought this is what I use for a part-time work at home call center job I looked for a desktop type phone with a headset that I’m making those anymore and I think actually all the technology is going to all be through the computer soon but if you’re trying to get a work from home job you know I can’t find anything I’m just gonna explain to you what I ran into and what this is what I decided on and the cost and whatnot this is the AGP Tek I hope you want to say it this model is the H a zero zero two one – one four one zero to make it in China this is the box that came in you can see it’s Chinese special pretty just plain Jane as is the manual now I’m gonna give up a shot of the manual it’s very small font it’s hard to read but I wanted to just kind of go over the phone with you first then I’m gonna kind of read through some of the features on the manual come pour them out basically you get a headset in the base unit now the base unit does not have a traditional handset you do everything with the headset microphone headset microphone seems to work good it is noise cancelling which is important because everybody that you work for if you probably know no noise no noise no noise you can’t hear the dog the children the TV music now that stuff is very much frowned on so noise cancelling was really important to me it’s got this little stand when you slide the headset in having somewhere to put so typically and I’ll show you over by the computer this is not where I actually use it this is where I do some other videos for another YouTube channel that I have but I’ll put it over there and plug it up so you can see the LCD display well basically here you have the key number pad mute redial on off lash hangs it up pause now the pause I don’t really know what I would use that for off hand set set button that’s what you’re going to use for programming up and down just the intensity on the LCD readout about the only installation is this little handle you just have to pop it in when you get it just slides in locks into place plug the headset in you’re going to plug the landline here now in the ringer you’ve got off which even with off it barely barely rings so you can count what’s that sound even if it’s like two feet away from you but you’ve got low and you’ve got high flash I’m not really sure what that is I think that has to do is if you’re in a call center environment and you need to change that I have mine set on 100 for home use works fine mode auto and move kind of weird terminology but basically what that means is auto is auto answer if you have it on auto it’s going to answer incoming call on second ring so that might be good for you may want that I have it on move which means it operates more like a traditional thumb you know I have to hit the button to get it to answer the call so what typically will happen I get an inbound call I’ve got my headset on I just hit the on/off button boom hey this is Chris thank you for calling whatever whatever you know can I have your phone number or area code first please or whatever the you know the script may be and then when I get done I just get off I mean that’s what I use it 90% of time for now of course I can hit the mute and oh crap where’s this where’s that oh hey flash will leave the phone on but just hangs up instituted a new dial tone now I’m going to read some of the features from the manual such it’s going to be as easy as doing anything else it says it has FS k /d m excuse me DTMF caller ID display auto checking whatever that means the noise you here’s my air conditioner coming on thirty incoming five outgoing number memories two digits PA B Xcode setup I think that has to do with like call center type settings thirty-two pre dial and edit greenback lytic back light in use with LED identification flash and mute function headset speaker volume control switch no that is off him see I do not see it must be built-in of your up-and-down or something I have not run across that yet but it states it here in the manual now this manual is very rudimentary it’s not really user-friendly let’s see flashing mute function has a ringer high-low off adjustable flash time 100 milliseconds or 600 milliseconds choice are there again I’m not sure what that’s for I didn’t take the time to research it because let’s don’t care it works I’ve got this one set on 100 the on-off noise reduction function that has to be through settings cuz there’s no switch for that I’m getting started and someone who is a line according to the line jack of the base and the other end of the wall outlet the exchange connect a headset with da pad setting the dial pad mode to the correct mode according to the directions of your local telecom um let’s see anything else here basically that’s about it when I plug it back in I’m gonna move everything and I’ll show you how to set the date and time and everything on it which I don’t know why you really want unless you need to track that stuff I don’t key function out the out button so that lets see them out button here this key will display the numbers called mood here microphone will stop working by pressing this button at conversation indicator light will turn red presses key once more to long recover the microphone so just on a toggle on/off pretty pretty simple flash up here is used to get new dial tone or active activate customer calling service available through your local phone company redial press redial button if you want to read all the last dialing number ringer on/off hollow volume headset speaker volume switch not I don’t see that on here speaker volume see it did oh there we go okay min max some side there min max Oh power low I’ve got mine set on max because I’m hard of hearing so let’s see here then you can set it to pulse tone LCD display you can turn on and off it takes no batteries by the way you just plug in it gets power from the phone line so that’s cool so you know one less thing you got three batteries into okay well that’s about it I’ve said very rudimentary type instructions here you can see we’ll play with this a little bit you got this new mode addy eyeball helper it’s pretty cool I’m not that blind but it’s still pretty cool but that’s it for this I’m going to cut away I’m gonna come back and show you how to how it looks when it’s lit up I’m actually plugged in and how to set the date and time alright see you a second c-max we’re back alright let’s plug this in so you just take the phone line plug it in here and look in the very back of it boom okay comes up to displays the date is shown 2009 well it’s not 2009 so first thing we need to do is set it so press the set it’s going to say set one day so what we want to do look and you go up and down it’ll go through so it’s hit set again okay now it’s just wanting to know the the year so we’re gonna go to 2015 fantastic then hit set again okay month I’m going to go to sejoon hit set again there we go day today is the 15th of June 2015 and it said again and 10 or 1 so that’s set does it by digit so we’re at the 10 is 10 o’clock in the morning and the time is o 9 so we’re going to do that and that’s it and that ends it so we’ve got this the time set so I’m going to do now is I’m going to call it just so you see what it looks like so hold on one second now I did have the ringer turned off so you’re not going to hear anything but you see it go up and you can barely hear it ringing so the answer way I’ve got to set up I press the button now it would be like the hey thank you for calling guns are us this is Kris gonna help you and as you see it counts how long the call is if you want to keep track there and it why it’s at the back panel now you can go through them and turn that that off if you want I’ll just go through set set set and just just play with it and you’ll fit your doubt hang up the call I press on or off again and I’ll turn it off or I could hit flash if I wanted to like call dial another number but we’re done so just going to hit that and turn it off and that’s it the headset rides and this little cradle right here so what I usually do is when I’m done with it I just set it up on top of the computer out of the way now I haven’t done this but what woman was saying well you know it doesn’t have a handset I don’t like that well for me I don’t really care I’m not on the phone all that much so the headsets fine but I got to thinking well we can probably get a splitter and put a handset of course there’s no way to hang it up what wouldn’t matter because it’s controlled here so you can probably plug a handset in and use it as opposed to the headset or possibly splitter and use either one so some options might want to play with I put I’m putting a copy of the instruction manual and actually what I paid for it I paid $35.

99 delivered out the door so so far as long as it holds ups been a good buy seems to work well I have made 20-30 calls on it and it seems to work really well so only concern on something like this is you know it’s two months from now is it you can just start freaking out or something or quit working altogether but that’s it AG P Tek they’ve got different models some without the display this is the H a zero zero to one model if you have any questions please email me at c-max arms at gmail.

com for my regular subscribers this is a little different than my normal ones but this is a part-time job work at home I do to get money to buy my stuff I love have a great day you


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