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Aegis Ti3 – The most extreme MSI Gaming PC | Gaming Desktop | MSI

Aegis Ti3 – The most extreme MSI Gaming PC | Gaming Desktop | MSI

This is the MSI Aegis TI3. Our most powerful gaming desktop we every build. If you want to know more about this beast.. ..please keep watching, and we will tell you all the ins and outs about our Aegis TI3.

When we take a look at this Aegis TI3, we will immediate notice some gaming feature on the outside. For example, the Mystic Light RGB LED in the front side, and in the side panel. So in this way you can pick the color you want or choose one from the effects.

Yep! I’m coming. Aegis Ti3 has two headset hangers on the side.. ..so you can hang your gaming headset when you need to leave your gaming space. Talking about leaving your gaming space, Aegis TI3 has a easy to carry handle on the backside.

In this way you can always take the power of Aegis TI3 to your friends or a LAN party. Everybody wants to have extra performance ingame right? So, Aegis TI3 is overclockable. If you don’t know how to do this, we made this very simple.

You only have to press the Dragon button on the frontside.. ..and your overclocking the Aegis TI3. So pretty simple right? So let’s take a look inside. When you take of the side panel, you will discover the graphics card.

This system is equipped with a MSI GeForce GTX 1080Ti Armor card. However we make different configurations. So always check which Aegis TI3 your local store is selling. For cooling we use something we call, Silent Storm Cooling 3 Pro.

It separates three key components in different cooling chambers with separate airflow. At the topside you will find the graphics compartment. In the middle you will find the processor compartment. And in the bottom you will find the power compartment.

With this side panel of you can see the upgradability of Aegis TI3 You can easily replace the memory modules.. ..add some storage, or even replace the graphics card. It’s all easy accessible. We talked about overclocking with our Game Boost button in the front side.

So the Aegis TI3 uses the latest Intel 8th generation processors. This system is equipped with a 8700K unlocked processor. To keep this processor cool we make use of a liquid cooler to cool this processor.

The Aegis TI3 is SLI capable. So you can install up to two graphics cards to get max performance ingame. In this configuration we only use one graphics card because we also installed something we called Gaming Storage.

I’m going to show this now but first I need to remove the graphics card. The graphics card is now removed so we can see the Gaming Storage card. This is the MSI Gaming Storage card. Inside you can find two M.

2 SSD’s that are directly connected to the processor thanks to this card. It will make them a lot much faster than a normal standard M.2 SSD that is connected through the motherboard. Also it has a separate cooling to keep your M.

2 storage cool. With all those gaming feature inside Aegis TI3, I hear you think “what about performance?” So we are going to run 5 benchmarks to show you how powerful this gaming beast is. So this first test will be Aida 64 Extreme.

On this test we will run the CPU Queen, and this gives us a score of 72059. The second test will be 3DMark TimeSpy. In this TimeSpy benchmark we get a score of 9380. So a really high score. The third test is a CPU test on Cinebench The score we get is 1380 The next test is CPU-Z And this is again a CPU test.

The last test will be a benchmark for the storage. Because we claim we have an extreme fast storage speed on the Aegis Ti3 We will be running this with CrystalDiskMark. So this was a short story about Aegis TI3.

Ofcourse there are a lot more gaming feature inside, so if you want to discover them, please check our webpage.


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