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Adobe photoshop touch for phone – Review and basic tutorial

Adobe photoshop touch for phone – Review and basic tutorial

Adobe Photoshop – for phones is a brilliant little applet we can use on our mobile phones to edit and enhance our images on the go now the interface on this app is not as user-friendly or intuitive to use as some of the other photo apps on the market but the app is far more powerful and allows you a lot more creative control of your images than anything else on the market so once you get used to it is really fun to use in this video I’ll be showing you guys a brief overview of some of the basic features of this app and in the process I’ll take this image and change it into this in a few easy steps this video is also the first in a series of videos we’ll be sharing with you guys fun and creative techniques that we can easily apply on our images using this app when you start up the app you greet it with your project management screen in here if you have current projects you’re working on you’ll be able to see them if you just tap on them you’ll be able to open it up and up here we have a menu button in here we can manage our projects we can delete them duplicate them move them and basically to use it you first have to tap on the function you want to use let’s say we want to delete it so it’s app on delete then tap on the project I want to delete I can select multiple ones if I want and then tap on either ok or cancel down here there’s no now from the tap or cancel very importantly in our settings appear in the top right hand corner a little gear and the image import we can set up the maximum import resolution of our images we can step it all the way up in to 12 megapixels in this version but I would suggest your city to the megapixel rating of your camera in my case it will be 8 megapixels I’m doing this tutorial on a Samsung s3 done so now how do we start a new project it’s easy we just tap down here on a new project button and now we can start a project using an image that’s currently on our phone from a photo library we can start one from the Creative Cloud or open up a project from a Creative Cloud we can utilize our camera take a shot and use that directly in our project or just a blank document I’m gonna tap on photo library then choose gallery navigate to the image I want to use on my phone and just tap on that and it will open it up now years it took your app crash while doing this you need to clear the RAM on your phone so just open up the RAM manager on your phone make you clear the RAM close all other active apps and open up the app again if it still crashes you probably just need to restart your phone let’s have a look at what tools we have available in the app and where they are if we tap on the bottom left-hand corner here we open up our toolbar and in here if we tap and drag on specific icon will open up the nested tools underneath it so there we have our Healing Brush clone brush etc we have a paintbrush effects browser spray tool down here we have a couple of really easy to use selection tools and a couple of the most standard selection tools and that you’ll see that if I select the specific tool in the bottom bar have a couple of options that I can change and customize for the tool just brush sizes colors etc now as we progress through the tutorials I’ll deal with a lot of tools these tools and show you guys how to use them up on the top we have a selection menu and here once we created the selection we can manage it we can copy it merge it deselect it etc we have a couple of adjustment options so we can change the curves and levels on this app shadow highlights replace color really easy to use under the effects menu and here we’ll find a couple of really creative effects we can apply easily to our images so on the basic tab we have our sharpens and blurs under stylized we have a couple of more artistic options and under erisa qui even have more like scratches my comic effect and under photo we have an old sepia Luc sunny afternoons HDR look and a couple of under really great ones to use as well but most importantly under the more menu there’s law ampersand will find our crop tool our tix to gradient full tools Allen’s flee tool and a new camera full tool because you see this app has been designed to utilize some of the features of your phone such as your cameras and I’ll show you guys later on how to use this one as well now the best features app is that it allows us to edit in layers now to get to our layers palette we simply tap down here in the bottom right hand corner and this opens up our layer palette and in here if I tap on the + I can add layers from images that’s already on my phone if I roll a empty layer I can duplicate a layer I’m just going to duplicate this layer for now tap on done and right next to the classified tap thing on this little stack icon I can change the opacity of my layers and blending modes now this gives us also a lot of creative freedom and later on I’ll show you guys how to use this step they they do exit it great so let’s edit our image using the layers palette so remember I just created duplicate layer I’m now going to use the more menu and choose lens flay to add a Setting Sun to my image and to change my lens play and move it around I just tap on the flare itself and I can move it and position it wherever I want in the image in this case I’m just going position it right here on the wolf and down here I can choose the type of play that I want so I kind of like this one JJ and if you look at the flare that we’re getting from that I guess this is a not too quite a famous director but let’s step back sunset Flay and I’m gonna fill a little bit with the intensity and the scale great like that and tap and apply now I’m not done on this layer I’m now going to tap on it adjustments menu and it’s used temperature and I’m gonna slide the slider a little bit towards the right give it a more warm feeling like that yep and apply so if I step back to my layers palette that’s my top layer with my fixing on it now that’s a normal layer beneath it great so now I just want to try and fix up the sky I want to add a little bit of color to it a little bit of mood to do that I were going to apply a gradient full but first I’m gonna stay back in my layers palette tap on the plus create an empty layer Y might affect to done go back to the more menu choose gradient now the gradient fill it first looks really difficult to use but let me show you that’s actually straightforward I’m going to tap down in the bottom left-hand corner on this little palette then I open up my gradient editor tap on this menu button I’m gonna choose linear type then I’m going to tap down here on the color so I can change the color on the gradient a little bit more of an orange reddish color now to select the color you can always use a swatches menu as well use saturation brightness or RGB values if you know them stay back to them and to close the editor simply tap somewhere outside don’t heat the apply because you apply the the gradient and I’m not done editing it yet so we’re going to tap and drag these control points around so I can position the gradient where I want it I think something like that will do tap and apply now of course my gradient looks a little bit silly so let’s stay back into the layers palette and adjust opacity slightly and I’m going to change the blending mode to multiply so you could get the colors to interact with each other a little bit more between the top layer the middle layer rubber anthe Stephanie empty workspace takes is a great kind of like that right so now it’s one of manage my layers a little bit that back into my layers palette that little icon right here and now you’ll see also have an option to delete the specific layer or as icon in the middle in here I can actually now flatten the image merge visible merge down I was going to choose flatten gets rid of all the layers so my project will be smaller now on the desk easier to process save out and now I’m almost done I’m going to give it a little bit of a crop back into my more menu crop image now unfortunately with a crop tool in Adobe Photoshop Touch we don’t have nice presets like a one to one square crop or four to three to help us we have to tap on this little triangle in the corner and in here we can enter specific pixel values so you’re gonna have to go work them out for your specific ratios I can link my proportions and I’m just gonna tap and pinch zoom a little bit to rotate inside my cropping because that’s actually what I want to do I’m just gonna simply tap and drag this little in the Tarot and see quite easy rotate it some way they’ve kind of like that cropping just eat apply so you go kind of like that you think I’m done editing this image so what do we do now we’ll just simply tap on down at the top safe project there we go and now we’ll see our project being added in our project manager to rename it we just simply tap the name there we go – done and now we’re ready to export this image so how do we do that how do we export into useable file format so you can place it up on to Facebook or Sam so we do is tap on the export button and here we have a couple of options to upload the Creative Cloud or save to gallery or share I was gonna choose save to gallery and on Adobe Photoshop – for fun we only have a choice between two file formats either JPEG or PNG so I’m going to select JPEG tap on the project I want to export and tap ok and there we go project done see you next time


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