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Acer Swift 5 Ultra-Thin & Lightweight Laptop Review: Core i5-8265U vs Core i7-8565U (2019)

Acer Swift 5 Ultra-Thin & Lightweight Laptop Review: Core i5-8265U vs Core i7-8565U (2019)

hey guys, how’s it going? so in today’s video we are going to look at an ultra thin and light laptop so this laptop is different from the other premium ultra books that are available in the market and there are a few reasons why I am talking about this laptop one is that even though this is an ultra book or ultra thin and light laptop it delivers about 10 hours of battery life and there are no compromises when it comes to performance or port selection this laptop is a cell Swift 5 series laptop and there are two types of Asus with five laptops that are in the market but the one that we will be looking at today is the 15.

6 inch screen so what I like about this laptop is that a cell has managed to pack in 15.6 inch screen size in a 14 inch body and this is pretty amazing because if you compare the size of this laptop with other traditional 14 inch laptops the physical size of the laptop is exactly the same but you are getting much bigger real state when it comes to screen and Acer has accomplished this by trimming the bezels so this laptop has a pretty impressive 87.

6% screen to body ratio and even though a cell has trimmed the bezel on the top and on the side they have still put the webcam on the top top center which is the perfect place for a webcam so a lot of other manufacturers including Dell XPS 13 laptops they used to have the webcam in the bottom sometimes next to the keyboard and that created that very awkward angle and I never liked those laptops because nobody wants to use the webcam when it’s like looking from under your nose that’s that’s not a very pleasant angle so this laptop has a very good full HD screen so 1920 by 1080 P resolution and the screen is really bright it’s 300 nits of brightness 300 nights of brightness is plenty for any kind of indoor use be it like a very well lit home office or office environment or a classroom you will never have any problem with the screen the screen is IPS panel so it has very good viewing angles it is also fully touch enabled so it supports all the windows 10 multi-touch gestures so the hinge of the laptop will let you move the screen all the way back to 180 degrees which means it’s great if you are on a couch watching Netflix or you know binging YouTube videos unfortunately it will not go beyond 180 so you can’t flip this laptop and make it 2 in 1 the build quality of this laptop is fantastic this is not some cheap plastic laptop it’s magnesium alloy and the use of this special alloy makes this laptop very light it’s under 2.

2 pounds but it’s very solid when you hold it in your hand it feels very premium there is no creaking or there is no it doesn’t given the chassis feels very solid and it’s kind of surreal because when you hold the laptop in your hand it is so light that the first time and I held the laptop in my hand I almost felt like there was no battery in the laptop it just felt like something was missing but that’s because it’s it’s like 960 grams it’s crazy light so there are two flavors of this laptop that you can buy on Amazon as of today one is the core i7 flavor which is the more expensive option and this one goes for about $1,400 and then there is a cheaper option which goes for about $900 and this one is the core i5 configuration so if you look at the differences between these two configuration in addition to the core i7 versus Core i5 processor the more expensive one comes with 16 gigabytes of ddr4 Ram as opposed to the $900 version which comes with 8 gigabyte of you know the same gram ddr4 and the second difference is in the storage the more expensive configuration will give you 512 gigabyte of SSD while the cheaper one comes with 256 gigabyte of SSD now there are some things which you should note when it comes to the differences between these two laptops because this being a thin and light laptop it’s not very easy to upgrade this laptop so for example I have reviewed some other Acer laptops like the Acer Aspire series laptops which are very easy to upgrade and I made a bunch of videos on those laptops on how you can like go and upgrade the RAM or the SSD unfortunately for Asus series laptop the RAM is actually soldered to the motherboard which means you cannot upgrade the RAM so when you are picking a configuration you will have to decide how much ram do you need and if you PI say for example an 8 GB RAM configuration then you are stuck with that you cannot go and buy a memory stick and upgrade it but luckily when it comes to storage you do have an option of upgrade so I opened up this laptop and as you can see here a sir has provided an m2 slot which is right next to the battery and I will throw a link in the description of a compatible SSD that you can buy and upgrade your the storage if you are interested so then the question is should you spend more money $1400 and get the core i7 version or should you go with the cheaper $900 model so let’s look at you know the differences between these two configuration and we will decide whether it’s worth $500 extra so the first thing that we will look is the processor so if you compare core i7 versus Core i5 here you see that the core i7 and i-5 both have the same 4 course and 8 threads but the differences in the base frequency so the core i7 is 1.

8 gigahertz versus 1.6 for Core i5 and the max turbo frequency is 4.6 gigahertz versus 3.9 gigahertz so max turbo frequency basically is the ability of the processor to overclock one of its core to meet some you know high demanding job and this is where you do see an improvement in core i7 because it can go all the way up to 4.

6 gigahertz everything else if you look here is exactly the same there is not a whole lot of difference in terms of the numbers so now let’s look at some benchmarking so if you look at the CPU single thread performance you will notice that core i7 is a scoring 2343 points and the core i5 is slightly behind but not by much 2145 and if you look at the CPU mark rating which is the overall performance of the CPU so you are taking into account all the cores and threads the performance difference between core i7 and Core i5 is about 11 percent eight thousand nine hundred 18 points for core i7 eight thousand twenty-five points for core i5 so here is the final result you are getting about 10 to 11 percent performance boost for $500 and frankly speaking that’s really not you know that does not justify spending $500 in fact a 10 percent performance improvement you won’t even notice in most of the day-to-day tasks so if you are or if you are surfing you know you are watching your favorite videos on YouTube Netflix some word processing excel sheet any kind of you know the office work or any day-to-day tasks that you are doing on our computer 10% cpu performance improvement is not going to even show up just based on the cpu performance I don’t think it makes any sense to spend $500 to get the more expensive configuration but that’s not the end of the story right you have the RAM and you also have the SSD and this is where things get a little interesting so like I mentioned before you cannot upgrade the RAM on either of these two configuration because Acer has soldered the Raval to the motherboard so if you buy a 8 GB configuration you are stuck with 8 GB configuration so my recommendation is think hard whether you need a GP or 16 GP model and then pull the trigger based on that remember 8 GB is more than enough for most of the day-to-day tasks but if you are a power user if you do software development say for example you are running Android studio you are developing apps you do 4k video editing so anything which is like intense CPU and RAM requirement then then you should go with 16 gigabyte of memory and lastly the storage so as I said there is a m2 slot which is available so you can buy an extra SSD and expandable storage so that means between the cheaper one and the more expensive configuration 256 versus 512 that’s not really relevant because you can buy the cheaper $900 configuration and upgrade the SSDs you desire so my recommendation is that if you are not going to be using this laptop for some intensive memory-related application like for example software development or you know 4k video editing go with the $900 configuration because you can always expand the storage and I will throw a link in the description of a compatible assistive that you can buy and I think that will be good enough for you and you will save your $500 okay now let us talk about the keyboard out of the thin enlight laptops that are in the market including the fancy Apple MacBook Pros they have really lavish keyboard and the problem is that companies try to shave the distance like they try to make the key travel very less in order to make the laptop thin and light and you end getting a very mushy keyboard so I’m very happy with the keyboard that ASA has provided here even though this is a thin and light laptop the keyboard actually feels very good when you’re typing the key travel is not as much as you know the normal laptops but it is still enough that you do get a good feeling when you type similarly the trackpad is also very nice it comes with full windows ten precision driver support so you have the Windows 10 multi-touch three finger scrolling pinch and zoom all those gestures are supported ok moving on to the port’s which is sometimes lacking in other thin and light laptop again a set has done a good job with this one you get plenty of ports so there is one USB type-c port and this one supports the 10 gigabit data connection it also supports charging through this USB port and it also has the support for the DisplayPort which means you can hook up a monitor to your laptop using the USB type-c port if your monitor supports it and if it doesn’t then that’s not a big deal because there is also an HDMI port that you will get so in addition to these ports you have the USB 3.

0 it’s two of them so two USB 3.0 port one USB type-c port one HDMI port I think this is pretty good port selection so Ivan throw a link in the description of both the configuration you can check out the prices the price to vary nine hundred and fourteen hundred is sort of where they hover around but the prices may go up or down I hope you found this video useful and if you like this kind of content then please consider subscribing to my channel because I cover these kinds of topic and I will see you guys in my next video bye


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