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Acer Predator Helios 300 (2018) Review // Best Gaming Laptop for the Price?

Acer Predator Helios 300 (2018) Review // Best Gaming Laptop for the Price?

What’s going on guys Matthew Mona’s here and this is the Acer predator Helios 300 back in 2017 I nominated one of the best budget to mid tier gaming laptops you could buy for the price this year They’re back again with the eighth generation Intel processors and a few other upgrades that make this product even more attractive but with the competition heating up Isn’t still the best budget to mid to your gaming laptop on the market or we’re about to find out so in terms of design It looks exactly the same as last year’s model a black metal lid Plastic body the predator logo in the middle and two red stripes running vertically if you’re looking for a very portable gaming laptop to go To school.

This is not the best option It weighs about 6 pounds making it slightly heavier than the Dell g7 and about a pound heavier than the Lenovo. Y50 Every single day four ports on the left hand side. You have a full size Ethernet jack.

You have a USB type-c port That’s a not Thunderbolt 3 a full-sized HDMI port a USB 3.0 port and a full size SD card slot on the right hand side You have your barrel power connector two USB 2.0 ports And of course your audio jack just like last year’s model Everything inside is pretty much upgradable the 2.

5 inch hard drive which comes with a mount and the RAM is easily accessible by taking off 2 screws if you want to get To the m2 nvme SSD you have to take off the entire cover in order to access it. It’s quite easy There’s just a lot of screws to take off the GPU and CPU Are both soldered onto the motherboard and they are both sharing the same heat pipes that are connected to two fans Not the best solution.

I would have rather the fans be separated on each side, but I’ll talk about heat management. Later The battery is 48 watt hours So it’s quite small don’t expect to get a lot of gaming out of this when it’s off the charger in fact I was only getting about three hours of use with doing things like Checking my email and browsing the web If you’re planning on gaming with this You need to keep it plugged in the entire time the displays on budget to mid-tier gaming laptops in 2017 were quite terrible most displays on the Acer laptops Dell and even HP had srgb ratings of about 65 to 70% That was really bad.

If you bought your gaming laptop to also do some color grading Let’s say working in Photoshop this year Acer has listened. They put a great display in their Helios 300 has a 98% srgb rating has over 300 nits of brightness.

So it gets bright enough to game on even use outdoors and This time it’s also a hundred and forty-four Hertz. So you get nice smooth gameplay when you’re using this device Unfortunately, it doesn’t have G sync, but overall it’s a huge improvement compared to last year So just like every other gaming laptop you get a 720p webcam at the top of the device.

It looks like this It’s not the best. It’s grainy. My face is blown out. I got white patches over here You’re better off just drawing a picture of yourself and emailing it to the person then using the webcam on most gaming laptops Sound it’s coming out of two speakers on the bottom of the device now, they’re not the loudest speakers, but they’re loud enough I didn’t find the highs to be too crisp.

I mean in comparison I put it next to the lenovo. Y5 But the y5 30 definitely sounds nicer so fine for like gaming but if you’re having long gaming sessions You’re definitely gonna want to keep a pair of headphones on you The keyboard is pretty much the exact same one is last year a nice rubber feel to it feels great to game on and type On you have the red WASD keys for gamers full-size keyboard Meaning you have a numeric keypad in case you need to type in some numbers or use Excel I don’t like the fact that the shift key and the arrow keys are a little too close and I do wish you can change the color of the backlighting Unfortunately, you’re stuck with just red touchpad great size lots of room to move your hands around It is using Windows precision drivers.

So that’s good, but it’s not as accurate as other gaming laptops that are coming out in 2018 but honestly, most people buying the stinger to be hooking up in external Mouse anyways Performance is another area.

That’s fantastic on the Helios 300 last year. We were dealing with the i7 7700 K which was four cores this year we deal with Intel’s 8th gen coffee-like processors, which have six cores that means you can game comfortably at 1080p with settings at high and Stream at the same time without any bottlenecking So if you want to play any new titles any modern titles You’re gonna be able to do so on this laptop with settings set to high it’s also VR ready which means you can hook up a headset to it and have no Problems using it the only air that it fell short was heating It does get a little hot on the keyboard around 53 degrees Celsius, which is a few degrees higher than I’d like it to be Also when you’re gaming for long periods of time, you are gonna notice some thermal throttling the fans are doing an okay job But the CPU temperatures start spiking and you’ll notice some framedrops while you’re playing Here’s my suggestion to you If you don’t want any frames to drop and you want a good experience, don’t let the system determine the fan Rotations set it to max and leave it on max all the time with cool boost enabled I found with those settings on while I was gaming I got zero issues with frames dropping and the CPU temps stayed around 80 degrees So here are my closing thoughts the ACE repetitive Helios 300 still offers a lot of value for the money They’ve improved a few things that a lot of consumers were complaining about last year Specifically the display the display is absolutely awesome for gaming and most importantly its code accurate for creatives who want a gaming laptop But also be able to do work at the same time now, it’s not perfect I do wish it had a different design I do rush though as a Thunderbolt 3 port and I do wish there was better battery life But in all fairness most gaming laptops have poor battery life Anyways, I think for the money this is still one of the better laptops you can buy for the price Is it the best one? well You’re gonna have to stay tuned for that because I’m gonna be doing a roundup between this one the Dell j7 and the Lenovo y50 If you guys liked this video hit the like button Follow me on Instagram because in the next month are starting to be giving away a laptop Subscribed if you haven’t already and I will see you in the next video


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