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Acer Predator 15 Gaming Laptop Review

Acer Predator 15 Gaming Laptop Review

looking for a seriously powerful gaming laptop that can take on virtually any game you throw at it well the ace of Predator 15 might just be the one for you as the name suggests the Predator 15 boasts of a 15.

6 inch full HD IPS display which produces rich colors and has good levels of brightness the matte finish also helps prevent reflections the predator 15 has a plastic body but still manages to feel sturdy and well put together the soft rubber coating along with the battle it logo gives it a cool look some design touches feel a bit corny like the power button and toggle switches but that’s just our opinion and others might like the look you get a good selection of ports spread out on either side of the laptop the USB type-c both supports Thunderbolt 3 while the built-in amplifier can drive high impedance headphones up to 600 ohms the predator 15 is powered by Intel’s top-of-the-line mobile styling architecture along with a whopping 32 GB of RAM you also get a 256gb SSD for speed and a 1tb hard drive for storage the most exciting component however has got to be the gtx 980m which comes with a massive 8gb of dedicated memory the laptop is upgradable and Acer gives you 2 free RAM slots so you can push the system RAM to 64gb if you like the flap on the bottom lets you easily access a ran SSD and hard drive g-sync is also supported but not on the integrated display with all this power the predator 15 is an absolute performance beast it boots and loads apps quickly thanks to the SSD the trackpad offers smooth motion and it’s nice to have individual left and right mouse buttons especially for gaming the predator 15 devoured any game we threw at it thanks to the ample GPU memory you can afford to crank up the textures and draw distances to the max we easily managed to get upwards of 50 FPS in almost all demanding games with all the eye candy nearly maxed out ASA lets you customize your laptop using the predator sense software to assign functions to the toggle switches there are five buttons and three you can also choose from a spectrum of colors to customize a backlit keys these are broken up into zones so you can have different colors for each zone or switch them off individually ASA care center lets you keep your drivers up-to-date while the dust defender automatically reverses the airflow in the system to expand built-up dust the predator 15 also excels in the audio department thanks to the door be certified speakers you get two speakers firing from the front and a woofer on the bottom with the dolby software enabled volume is greatly amplified the sound can easily fill a room even with the volume only halfway up the sound does distort slightly when maxed out but is otherwise very immersive we finally come to the predator fifteens last string which is a modular cooling fan that ASA calls frost core built by Coolermaster the fan fits into the optical drive slot the drive can easily be removed using a button on the bottom in reality this seems like more of a gimmick since it doesn’t really have any significant impact on the cooling battery life is not bad as the a cell battery managed to last us two was in battery meter probe under regular use you can expect to go about four to five hours on a single charge the in separate of 15 will set you back by one lakh seventy nine thousand rupees which is a lot of money however the kind of gaming and audio performance it offers makes it worth considering if you have no budget limits and demand the absolute best so that is my review of the Acer predator 15 hit the thumbs up button below and subscribe to us and follow us on twitter and facebook at gadgets 360


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