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Acer Aspire ES1-511-C59V Laptop Review

Acer Aspire ES1-511-C59V Laptop Review

Okay folks here I am again with another review of a laptop that is very popular right now this is an Acer ES1-511-C59V and I’ve got to say I really love this machine. I think this is the best one I’ve looked at so far sorry for ruining the surprise ending there folks.

All right let’s look at the external connectors We’ve got a cable lock slot, USB 2.0 port an SD card slot for copying pictures off of cameras and such. Around the back we’ve got a fan vent, but the fan doesn’t come on very much.

It’s a quiet and cool running machine in general like most in this price range. We’ve got an ethernet jack. This one is a gigabit ethernet jack. If you use wired networks, nice to have. HDMI jack for connecting to external TVs and monitors.

USB 3.0 jack – these are significantly faster, over 10 times faster in fact than your standard USB 2 port. These are great for connecting to external hard drives and other things that really can benefit from a lot of speed.

We’ve got another USB 2.0 jack, headphone jack, and a power adapter connector. Here’s the power adapter. It’s a little small guy nothing special. On the other side we’ve got what looks like a DVD Drive but it’s actually just a placeholder.

There’s no DVD Drive in this machine. If you’re not ready to give up your DVD Drive yet, there are ways around that though. There are cheaply available external drives like this one. This is the best-selling external drive on Amazon right now.

It’s a Samsung SE-218 I’ll put a link down below the video where you can check this thing out, see its current price and everything but it’s pretty cheap and does the job. It doesn’t have an external power brick to lug around.

It comes with a USB cable that you plug into your laptop and it draws its power directly from your laptop’s USB port so very portable and convenient. Okay here we go. The front: nothing going on. Bottom: speakers a couple of vents nothin special on okay so one thing you may have picked up on is that all the action on this machine is on the back.

Almost all the connectors are on the back. It can be kind of a hassle when there are cables running out of the sides of your machine because they get in the way of your books and papers, but when they’re all in the back, none of that to worry about.

But on the other hand it is kind of inconvenient to need to reach around the back to plug things in, so a matter of personal preference I guess. All right let’s look inside. Okay one thing you may notice is that there’s a lot of room around the keyboard I really wish they would’ve shifted to this thing over a little bit and put a number pad on here but there’s no number pad but unless you do a lot of data entry there may not be an issue for you.

Um, we’ve got a nice big trackpad that’s very responsive. I really love this trackpad. It’s the best one out of all the laptops I’ve looked at so far. It’s multi-touch capable and it’s much better on picking up on the multi-touch gestures than the other ones i’ve seen.

It’s very smooth and pleasing to the touch it feels like uh a non-stick frying pan or something. you know off the flame of course, so your finger just kinda glides over it. Very nice. All right let’s take a look at the stats on this thing.

Here we are on the Acer website. I can show you a couple of the multi-touch gestures while we’re here. If you use two fingers, you can scroll up and down and it’s nice in responsive, unlike a lot of the other machines I looked at, and it barely ever misses you know some machines won’t pick up on it when you try to do the two finger they’ll interpret it as one finger.

This one is much better than most others. Umm and also that scroll like this, I really like that over your standard scroll where you have to go all the way to the side grab the scrollbar and move it up and down.

Just wherever you are in the page doesn’t matter you can scroll. Much more convenient. You’ll fall in love with that one if you haven’t used it before. Another thing you can do is the pinch zoom. You can zoom in and out like you would on a tablet or smartphone pretty nice and as you can see also responsive pretty handy stuff.

Another thing you can do is you can use a single finger swipe from the left and it lets you switch between your recently used apps. Or you can swipe from the right to bring out this thing they call the charm and you let you do a few other things.

Okay so that’s the multi-touch stuff. okay so let’s check out the specs here on Acer website. Alright it’s got an Intel Celeron 2830 processor. That’s the most popular processor that you’re gonna find in laptops in this price range right now.

iIts 2.16 gigahertz dual-core, it’s got 4GB RAM umm 500GB hard disk 15.6 inch screen, 1366 by 768 resolution. That’s pretty standard for laptops in this price range right now. It is a glossy screen as you may have noticed but just about every screen out there right now is glossy.

It’s got integrated Intel HD graphics also very common in laptops of this price range. You know it’s great for watching videos on Netflix, YouTube word processing, web browsing that kinda thing, but if you’re into high-end 3D games you’re going to be disappointed but if you are into high-end 3D games, you’re gonna have to shell out some more money to get something that you’re not going to be disappointed by sorry.

Okay we’ve got wifi 802 11 b/g/n. N being the one that’s most popular these days. Umm, Bluetooth 4.0. A lot of machines don’t have Bluetooth If you use Bluetooth devices it’s another thing going for this guy built in webcam and microphone The weight is 5.

29 pounds. Uhh the battery life: it doesn’t mention it on here, but from what I’ve seen it’s about six hours or so but that’s gonna vary a lot based on what you’re doing. If you’re doing a lot of intensive stuff that really uses a lot of processor or, you know, fancy graphics with a game or something it’s gonna kill your battery way faster than just you know working on a word document or something let’s look at something else okay here’s a YouTube video this should let us look at the screen and speaker capability a little bit alright this is a video of someone barefoot waterskiing behind an airplane om it’s nice and smooth like you would expect on modern laptop well let’s look at the brightness okay that’s as bright as it goes.

It’s pretty bright but not astonishingly so. If you’re trying to work in all sunlight it might be an issue but other than that you should be able to you you know see the screen just fine under most circumstances.

Let’s see how low it goes. It goes down very dim. Uhh which can be nice if you work under low light conditions or like watching movies in dark rooms that kinda stuff also when you turn the screen brightness down you can really help save battery Umm alright speakers let’s crank it up.

It goes pretty loud I’d guess a little louder than some of the other options I’ve seen. and it’s not quite as tinny either. I think these speakers are pretty good, but you may have noticed when we looked at the outside, the speakers are on the bottom and if you cover em up the it sounds a little bit muffled, so if you want your laptop on a soft surface, you may notice that but it’s still plenty audible, it just sounds a little bit different.

okay let’s turn that back down alright so I’ll I have to say this is a great machine highly highly recommended. I think it blows away the other ones I’ve looked at. In particular this trackpad is wonderful.

If you’ve never used a multi-touch trackpad before I think you’ll really come to quickly appreciate what this thing can do for you Alright I guess that’s about it. I’ll put some links down below um to where you can read more about this machine, check out its current price on Amazon Okay thanks for watching.



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