Home Phone Reviews 6tag: An Instagram Client for Windows Phone (Review)

6tag: An Instagram Client for Windows Phone (Review)

6tag: An Instagram Client for Windows Phone (Review)

hey what’s up guys frank O’Hara from pocketable tech and if you’re a windows phone user it definitely familiar with third-party clients basically windows phone is still a growing community and the applications still aren’t there the situation is better from a couple months ago but we’re still missing popular apps such as YouTube Instagram and Vine that’s just to name a few so this is where third-party clients come into place and this isn’t always a negative thing sometimes these third-party clients are even better than the original apps themselves instance until a few days ago was the only really good at to speak about if you want to get the Instagram experience on Windows Phone however now with instagrams video capabilities and instances lack of updates instance has somewhat become outdated and now with the arrival of six tag on the windows phone market is really no debating on which application is more full-featured so without any further ado let’s take a walk through this new application for windows phone and let me show you exactly why I believe it to be one of the best third-party Instagram applications for windows phone so now we’re going to go ahead and start the application and right at the start screen you’re going to see that this is not your run-of-the-mill third client application instead this is a full-featured well-thought-out app some might even claim that it’s better than the original instagram app for android now once you go ahead and login to your Instagram account you’ll be greeted by your timeline at the top right you’ll see at your avatar and right next to it is your notification panel by clicking on that you can see all the people that liked your photos followed you or may have left comments the notifications are very instant and dependable a lot better than other third-party apps that I’ve tested going back to the main screen and by clicking on the small magnifying glass that will bring you to the top trending videos and photos on Instagram you can browse through these or you can do your own unique search for hashtags or users you get nothing but a fast and fluid experience while using six tag I didn’t experience any crashes or bugs or any lag of any sort was also very nice to see that the developer kept true to Windows Phone Metro UI design language moving forward now when you want to go upload video 6 tag allows that you can take video by just holding down the shutter key adding filters to video is not permitted as of yet however this is a small complaint and just to have the video recording capabilities is a nice thing to have on Windows Phone for this review we’re going to upload a photo if you can see this you have the exact filters you would have on Instagram same name if you go into here you can do more adjustments to contrast and also by blurring the blur works very very nice you can do a circular blur or you can do a lateral blur as you can see it does work very nice you can also pinch to zoom to get a more pinpoint accuracy of the item that you would like to blur we’re going to go ahead and move on to the next step now on this page you can obviously right in your description right over there you can see the sharing options you have twitter tumblr Flickr and a few others you can then go ahead and add a geotech just basically a location of where the picture was taken once your photo is uploaded you can then go ahead and swipe to either the right or left and go ahead and tag somebody in the photo by clicking on any part of the photo that you’d like once again guys I’m Franco from pocketable tech hope you guys enjoyed this video if he did please be sure to leave a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel but i’ll be posting a lot more content pertaining to mobile tech and technology thank you guys and have a great day member


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