Home Camera Reviews 4K Sports Camera – 16MP – Waterproof (30M) – by NexGadget

4K Sports Camera – 16MP – Waterproof (30M) – by NexGadget

4K Sports Camera – 16MP – Waterproof (30M) – by NexGadget

hey what’s up guys Chigz here from Chigz tech reviews and today I’m going to be reviewing the next gadget 4k waterproof sports camera you can support maximum of 64 GB microSD cards and it comes with the following accessories and this is the QR code so you can download that app so you get your iPhone or your Android phone open up the app QR scanner ok and just scan the code that will take you straight to the App Store or if you’re on Android it will take you to the Google Play Store and then all you do is install the app so this is the app that you use with this camera I’ve already installed it so I got it there so you can control this camera and all its features functions and settings from this app so we’ll be testing all these functions out later on so let’s get this box open and see what it looks like ok that’s 1 2 as you can see this is loads of accessories I’m just going to lay everything out on this table ok so you’ve got the user menu it’s in English so yep the instructions are in English and very clear and easy to understand so let’s have a look at the actual device this is the camera so it’s already in the housing this is the waterproof housing so I want to show you how to remove it from this case you got a flick switch at the top if you press that flick switch and then lift this up ok that will release the back door from there and then you just lift this flap up there you go so now you can take your device out from the waterproof case and show you the inside of the case so let’s have a look at the camera now you can see that the camera is tiny it says at the front Wi-Fi 4k and 16 megapixels you’ve got the lens and you’ve got a power button there so on the right we’ve got a speaker and up and down button these buttons are probably gonna allow us to scroll through menus you’ve got an OK button at the top and the light indicator and over here you’ve got a micro SD card slot the micro USB charger port and a heads and a mini HDMI port so you can attach it directly to your television ok so the opening at the bottom is the actual battery so what’s good about this specific model is you can remove the battery and you can buy a spare if you need to it’s a three point seven volt 900 milliamp battery okay so we’re just turning this on now so you can see at the top it says 4k 30 frames per second that was the power button at the front so if I press it again it goes into photo mode 16 megapixels if I press a again and you can see it’s got date stamp at the bottom and you got your battery indicators and your TF card or micro SD card icon you press the same power button again it will change it to 720p slow motion press it again and you can go to playback and when you press it again you’ll go to settings so once you get to setting so you press ok and you’ll be able to change different parts of the settings with your up and down arrow so if I want to change the resolution of the video I press ok on that and I’ll be able to go down and these all the resolutions you can you can go for so you’ve got 4k at 30 frames per second you’ve got 27 K at 30 frames per second you’ve got full H 1080p at 60 frames or 30 frames 720p at 120 frames you can get 60 frames or 30 frames in 720p so these are your choices I’m going to keep it on 4k and press ok okay so recording sound time-lapse loop recording slow motion these are all the options that can be changed from here okay so if I press the power button it should go to the next option see so there you go and now if I press ok you can choose different resolutions of photographs we’re going to keep over 16 megapixels which is the highest so you’ve got timed auto and drama shot I’ll press the power button to go to the next same exposure white balance Wi-Fi which is off at the moment image rotation driving mode load driving mode on your light source frequency LED indicate a light over to screensaver 30 seconds auto shutdown 5 minutes time watermark volume high so there’s that’s that so let’s go to the next options language date-time format restore reset to factory settings and the firmware version and and the last option we’ll press ok and you can exit out of the whole thing now that we’re here I’d like to just turn Wi-Fi on cuz there one of the functions I would like to test when you turn Wi-Fi on this is what it will show you it will show you an SSID with a password default password so what you need to do to set this up is go to settings on your phone and click on Wi-Fi and you have to connect to the sports cameras Wi-Fi so click on sports camera and then you need to put that password in so it’s zero okay and click join okay so I’m connected to sports cameras now is ticked I haven’t got any bar at the top there but is ticked so now I’m going to go into the app okay there you go so I’m connected to this so in order for the Wi-Fi connection to work like it’s work now you have to keep this screen on here it says press up to exit Wi-Fi so you no longer need to control anything on your camera this camera can just be left alone like this now this is what’s important now you’re fine so you could take pictures and videos now of everything by just clicking okay by just clicking any of these buttons you can also view your recordings and it will tell you how much space you got on the device what and the phone so I haven’t put a memory card in here so it says zero space TF card not so there’s no TF card in there or micro SD card in there settings so I’m able to change all the settings and all the functions of this camera and control it with this app so the Wi-Fi feature is very useful and you can just mount this on a tripod you can just mount this on a tripod or something and you better control this camera fully with your app the app works in both iOS and Android I am currently using this app right now on my iPhone so you got a landscape view as well if you want it so the Wi-Fi function doesn’t constantly stay on in the background you only use it when you need it and you’ll be able to control your device with your phone that’s what is for mainly okay so if I press the power bar go to the end and press okay we can exit and we’re back into shooting mode I’m going to put a memory card in here and test out the quality of video I’m going to try this sound disk out for a 32gb class 10 memory card so I’m just going to put this memory card in okay I’m recording video right now I’m recording it in 4k 30 frames per second it says at the top I’ve got 28 gigs available on this SD card to use you can always change that from the settings so it’s done 44 seconds of video so far I would put up the video quality on this screen right now so you can see the quality okay I’m recording video right now I’m recording in 4k 30 frames per second this is at the top I got 28 gig available on this SD card to use so this action cam is IP 68 certified and we’ll let you go 13 meters underwater and take amazing 4k videos and 16 megapixel photos you can access all the buttons even with the case on and the buttons are nice and big the case is very dual durable a very tough case and it will definitely help protect your camera in the long run yeah so I highly recommend this action cam it’s excellent value for money build quality is absolutely amazing I hope you enjoyed the video and found it useful thank you so much for watching


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