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3D Triple Monitor Alienware Computer Gaming Set

3D Triple Monitor Alienware Computer Gaming Set

hey everybody this is my Alienware gaming setup and I just want to show you guys all around it I want to get into the small stuff and then I’ll get into the bigger stuff like the monitors and the computer itself so this right here is the tac-x Alienware keyboard it’s got all the features for gaming that regular keyboards don’t have also another thing if you look at the computer it’s blue right now and the keyboard is also blue which helps a night by the way helps me see much better at night if I change the color too let’s change it to change it to green so if I change it to green the computer also changed to green and let’s do one more color let’s do still purple I change it to purple then it also changes to purple so that’s one of my favorite features about the about the keyboard here is that you can choose what color you want to change it to and it’ll do it automatically for the computer no fiddling around with that so it’s a software program that does it and it works perfectly well so the monitors they’re all 23 inch 3d monitors so here are the 3d glasses the 3d glasses are made by Nvidia they are amazing I have to say flat out amazing so if you look at the base of the monitor you can see that it’s is a nice sharp design on it these are made by Alienware as well and they are discontinued so you can’t get them anymore from the store and they are pretty expensive to begin with anyway they did not have cameras so I had to buy my own camera as you can see right there hope the government’s not spying on me but maybe they are who cares the speaker’s right here those are pretty cheap speakers they’re not that great they go pretty loud to have good quality but I believe I can get better and I will be upgrading those soon so I’m looking forward to that this right here what you saw before that’s just a wireless Bluetooth speaker that’s nothing great but another feature I to my gaming set was I added the switch over here so it turns the whole floor blue so at nighttime that just looks great it looks really really cool and I also have the MX revolution mouse this button this mouse was like seven buttons on it all for gaming and stuff like that and it helps with helps with web browsing so much faster web browsing using the back these are this is the back and front forward button so that helps out a lot Sennheiser what you see right here those are the Sennheiser bass that’s the Sennheiser basis for charging my headphones which are right here and those headphones are amazing good quality headphones pretty expensive but great so another thing I want to show you guys is the computer itself so here is the here is the optical drive so my head just opens up the SD card slot the CD slot all that cool stuff right at the bottom is the air vent so that brings in there so it sits like a vacuum if I put my hands there it’s it’s kind of like sucking my fingers so what that does is it cools down the computer it goes through out the computer cools down the hard drive all that cool stuff and then the fins right here help with releasing the air flow and it has three slots on the top three USB slots two 3.

0 USB slots and this is my wireless headphone auxilary piece right here so I plug that in and then I could just use my earphones or headphones wirelessly which are those and something else I actually did was I routed all the cables that I have plugged into there I have over out of here this is my charger this is my this is my 3.

0 USB hard drive cable that is the hard drive back there this is my 3ds cable so I have everything that I need to charge my devices greatly and that is my only where gaming set please like subscribe comment if you liked it guys peace out thank you


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