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what’s up YouTube is your boy Douglas M and today I’ll finally be reviewing my 32 inch LG LED TV smart TV model number 32 lb 5800 alright and right below it just to let you know is a soundbar LG sambar which i have reviews for make sure you go check that out and direct your questions for that there now I want to tell you before I forget this is how you manually turn on your TV of course the TV comes with the TV and remote but there’s no there’s no buttons on the side of the TV lights you know usually of you know average on on on these flat screen TVs your power and volume and function buttons is all right here it’s a circular button and you can toggle left right up and down one so I’m going to turn on like that just to show you and you can menu should come up and you know you can tell volume all that good stuff and you know you on/off so you just got to play around with it I am NOT well versed with it because I haven’t really lost my remote yet but just want to throw that out there if that’s how you would navigate if you didn’t feel like grabbing your remote or you lost it let’s go into settings right away and first thing I’m going to do is take off turn off my sound bar ah where’s that I’m going to turn off my sound bar and put on the TV speakers because we want to test out that right away alright so now that we did that let’s go let’s look at our settings so I have it on sport setting for picture so it looks like blah blah blah this is sound added to music what else we got yes pretty much it there channel that’s you were hooking up a you know antenna over-the-air antenna or maybe you have the screwin cable time-warner thing and it search for your channels there’s the time password protection don’t need that um there’s anything important here that I think you guys should know now nothing to this is important this is the way you do your network connections and of course this is Wi-Fi and Ethernet either way you can get onto the Internet both ways I name my TV Aston’s room because this is in my son’s playroom and this TV is going off a Wi-Fi my brother’s too far away but I would prefer you go Ethernet if you can this is very important you software update make sure you check that because I did two up nothing I just TV for like two months and I did two updates already so make sure you do that you’re probably going to need to do a update I’m pretty sure when you get out the box you’ll need to update all right went through the settings let’s go to your Smart Hub one thing I want to mention too about this TV takes about about six seconds from when you turn it on to get to foot to get to to get your internet going to four to get connected to your network it just doesn’t happen right away so I turned off the TV and I’m going to turn it back on to show you exactly what I’m talking about here okay so now the TV’s on I’m going to turn it to a Smart Hub right now can you see it actually oh there we go okay now if you see on the upward top the upper left you see that X when that turns green then it’s connected to C just turned green so took about five six six seconds to to get to my network ok so right now we’re going to test the sound quality like I said I’d turn my sound bar off so that we can test it we’re going to go I have a flash drive hooked up to the TV right here this also has DLNA access so you can you can place that full of your Windows Media files on your computer I must have a computer on yes I actually do ok so I’m going to play a song off my flash drive and we’re just going to listen to it hundred I gotta tell you that’s the highest bottom it goes not very loud at all alright I’m gonna I’m gonna put on my sound bar now let me change back the settings all right let’s bring it back from the top I got my sound bar hooked up now we’re only on 30 alright enough about that and again you can check out my video on the LG sound bar it also has a wireless subwoofer as well that’s where the bass is coming from all right let’s get to let’s show you Netflix the our well let’s show you the premium apps first right this is LG’s premium apps right here so these are the ones they think you’re going to want to use all the time Vudu Netflix Hulu Plus YouTube and go V tuner Ustream I believe that is that’s Rhapsody Redbox instant Google Maps blah blah blah Skype and yes you can use Skype I’ll jump into the description you need to get an lg Skype cam and that’s how you’ll be typing if you’re looking for it LG Skype cam think they have two versions a black version I think that’s the older one they have a silver version which is I believe the newer version which you would get if you get this if you got this TV anyway because it’s silver so yeah and that hooks up to your USB portion of the TV ok so let’s get back before I get into Netflix I want to show you some other stuff alright so this is like a all your apps that you can get it’s pretty average um I would have liked it I know they got Amazon video but I would like to see like on my samsung smart up I have Amazon music so I would have liked to see that and I also have time of the time we want to ask on my samsung TV neither of those are on here but other than that it has all the standard apps that you normally would see for a TV so um you know I’m Samsung buy so I had to throw a little jab and it’s all good but LG is my second favorite so all love oh love um okay so let’s get back let’s go to Netflix real quick and we’ll see how fast that loads up just so you can see oh man we’re eight minutes already Jesus huh well that kills my goal of 10 minutes all right let’s see blah blah blah what are we doing we’re trying to find a movie here recently watched and I recently watch a movie Iceman alright I found the independent movie called love whatever that is let’s play let’s see how fast it comes on it should take quick it is it’s really quick I’ll mute it we don’t need to hear it but already it came on that quick that was I guess under five seconds so um you really can’t beat that with it back let me try and get into a scene or something just so you could see skip to a scene boom boom boom okay so that’s that all right I’m going to go to Google+ yeah we don’t need to hear any volume because it doesn’t matter I don’t know why I said Cinema 3d smart TV it’s not a 3d TV so I have no idea why might be branding or whatever but it will confuse people some people my I felt to say that because some people might even look at this view but how there’s a 3d TV right now get glasses and be butthurt alright um and this Hulu Plus and just like Netflix at $7.

99 a month I’ll give you a little demo of what you can get with Hulu Plus it’s basically giving you all the TV shows most of them um that you know that are on TV that you can watch the whole thing so it’s just you know just just a demo and I’ll just click on this real quick just I’ll play the trailer just to show you how fast it works and how quick it comes on see already it’s on so this is quick stuff alright let’s go back to the Smart Hub here alright I don’t even know if that’s what they call it Smart Hub but I guess what Samsung calls I don’t know hey I hope that’s what they call it I’m sorry LG if that’s not what you call it yeah I gotta excuse me alright so as we can see um this is my youtube channel I’m signed in to my YouTube so I could watch the content that I that I’ve saved so this is YouTube loading pretty quick mute it now she looks awesome I need to take a trip down there but I’m just showing you and shout out to Zona models and all that make sure you check them out they got some pretty good stuff but I’m just showing you no buffering no nothing I’m using Wi-Fi so it’s pretty good but like I said if you can use easing that I would prefer you to do that because I’m telling Wi-Fi be tripping out on any any you know TV or cell phone or whatever Ethan as always the best connection alright enough for that alright I told you I had a little flash drive hooked up before now I hooked up my external hard drive I think it’s a hundred and fifty gig or something like that it’s not too big but I’m gonna play something off of that way we got twelve here slave Ironman Las Vegas right along let’s just check out the beginning of that play from start make sure we all mute you don’t need to hear anything I’m just going to play it till it gets to the beginning this is the actual movie this is all my external hard drive this is blu-ray quality 1080p don’t ask me how I get it that’s how I do alright so as soon as it comes on I’m going away for copyright purposes bye bye yep so I just showed you a 1080p blu-ray quality a file played from an external hard drive so we can we can do that all right so let’s come out of the Smart Hub all together I’m going to like I said this is in my son’s playroom I got it we hooked up to this so I’m going to go ahead and turn that on um just so we can see that now of course you know the Wiis and high-definition so it’s not going to look super fragile catalystic but there it is take it away from you and why I put it here is I’m going to introduce you guys to the LG the LG was a cold the LG app if I could find here on my samsung s5 yeah LG TV remote duh that’s what it’s called right there so I’m going to click that and it’s going to be able so I click that now that my TV’s on it found my TV my lg tv immediately and is actually going to mirror what is on the screen with it with its own volume okay so I’m going to turn that down well actually from the from the phone it can turn down the TV and your phone at the same time so that’s pretty cool well no actually you have to manually turn down your phone but you can turn up and down the volume of your TV through this app and what I want to show you real cool about it and I’m going to show you it’s got a slight delay it’s got a slight delay as you’ll see see I clicked into it is still then go now this I saved but got about a five-second delay so what this is awesome so I’m just going to go through some of the games my son has for his little we just show you how it’s mirroring and stuff I’m not going to get into any games for copyright purposes as well and that’s pretty much it that’s awesome all right I am from this we’re going to come out we’re going to go back to the Smart Hub by clicking smart so I clicked it and look we went back to the UM so smart hook and that what I love about this app see this little pointer thing watch this see that and if I tap on the icon it will go into it so that’s pretty awesome right that’s awesome now some of you guys may ask does this TV have a web browser it sure does and what’s even better with this app if I can I clicked it once with the web browser anytime you have a keyboard that comes up with this any app the keyboard will work so unfortunately for Netflix your keyboard won’t come up like this because Netflix does not have a keyboard that comes out when you click search it’s like a box with letters and numbers and you just click it so it has to any app that has a kik keyboard that comes out like a QWERTY keyboard that pops out you’ll be able to use your this app with your phone or tablet and type in whatever you want so I’m just going to type in I’ll just show you live Douglas M right done and see it did it so that’s a web search right there I could go web and I guess it will oh there we go and it still has so to the bottom right that could be what’s playing on TV that’s my Wii U and I could still move it like I’m the joystick and I’m switching games that so that’s pretty cool so yes this does have a web browser so that that’s pretty awesome so now when I hit the back button I could go back on my phone I’m hitting the back button on my phone I look I’m back to the to the page right there and that’s that’s pretty much it guys um that’s all I got let me turn off the we hit like if you liked it remember to subscribe hit me up with any questions that you may have but overall I like this TV the picture quality is pretty excellent it’s a lot of flexibility to it and I didn’t even go over everything I just went over a few things that I know that I can do that I’ve done but again I bought this TV for about 350 on eBay I know goes for about 420 retail which is which is way too hot for this TV it’s way too hot do not pay that for this it’s a 32 inch the style I mean Vizio makes a 32 inch much less I think for 250 that is very much comparable to this but anyway anyway thanks for just even looking at my video hit me up with any questions that you may have and I will try and answer it for you what else can I tell you before you go the first ACM I port has a RC if you guys were willing if you guys were wondering about that um what else what else what else so I can think of all right well I’m out and oh and when I turned off my TV my sound bar doesn’t turn off it turns off like two minutes after and that’s only because my sound does not have any HDMI inputs therefore it can’t be a RC so won’t it will only turn on with the TV it won’t turn off with it but in a minute or so it turns off which you just did of no sound so but then again check out my soundboard video for that and I know I’m rambling so I’m going to get off now past 20 minutes which is 10 minutes over that I want you to do and I know I’m rambling and blah blah flipped up


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