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3000rpm.com unboxing Sumvision Cyclone Micro 3 MKV USB SD Media player HDMI 1080p

3000rpm.com unboxing Sumvision Cyclone Micro 3 MKV USB SD Media player HDMI 1080p

hi this is the Sun vision cyclone micro 3 this is a multimedia player for your TV it’ll play all your films your pictures and your music straight onto your high-definition television it connects up through HDMI cable or through a normal RGB cable this is great because it’s got eight gigs of internal memory but you can also play it straight off of an SD card or a small USB memory stick it can be powered by a supplied power cable or it will take power from a USB and it’s really small so you can take it away with you wherever you want to go we’ll take it out of the box just have a look what’s inside and I’ll talk about some of the features this is the device out of the box you can see it’s quite a neat small little device just taking a look at the accessories that are included you got the device itself you’ve got a power cable a couple of different AV connectors a mini USB cable for plugging into your computer I’m a special USB cable which will allow you to plug in your memory stick so you’ve got the full range of accessories they’re all color matched to your individual device they come in the white or the black there is no hdmi cable included but it is just a normal full size HDMI cable again color match to the device you’ll get a remote control this has got all the functions of the device on it so you won’t need to use any buttons on the device itself you can scroll through all your options using these keys play and pause buttons at the top number keys down at the bottom this is just the front of the device you can see there’s a mini USB port which you’ll use with the cable to plug in new USB stick this is just where the remote control receives its inputs and there’s the slot here for an SD card or an MMC card back to the base you can see the AV slot that you’d use with your AV cables coaxial full-sized HDMI port so you can use any existing HDMI cable and that’s the power supply ground which the really USB plug it’ll take the power from the USB you can see the size of the device it fits very nicely in the palm of your hand which means it also fits in all your pockets the device takes a little while to warm up but when it goes he presented with the home screen of the user interface there’s four options there you can either go for the internal storage there’s 8 gig a memory stick from the USB the smart card option is if you’re using an SD or MMC and then the setup options so the device will play a wide range of file types all the common video types such as mp4 SDI x-files windowed many videos standard audio files such as mp3s and WMAs and photos it’ll play usual JPEGs and bitmaps pings and gifts so this was the Sun vision cyclone micro 3 great little media player if you have any more questions just check out the website and visit us on Facebook or Twitter you


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