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$30 A Month Virgin Mobile Phone Review

$30 A Month Virgin Mobile Phone Review

all right this is my virgin mobile $30 a month plan iPhone they have a bunch of different iPhones at Virgin Mobile I got the iPhone 5s which is the newest version of the iPhone but they’ve also got older ones all the way down to I believe an iPhone 4 for around 300 bucks so you you you have to buy the phone and they discounted a little bit this is the the 64 gig iPhone 5s and it was 500 $79 and then you own the phone and the plan doesn’t have any commitment beyond a month you’ll pay month-to-month so you can you can get off of Virgin Mobile and go somewhere else with it if you don’t like it it’s $35 a month unless you sign up for automatic billing with your credit card so you just go in there your website give them your credit card and then they knock it down to $30 a month for service which is unlimited texting unlimited internet with an asterisk which I’ll get to later and 300 minutes of calls and then any calls above that or $0.

10 a minute the texting works great and the call quality is good now with the internet it’s pretty slow I tried downloading an app at the same time as somebody else with with AT&T service was downloading an app same same exact happened they took them it took me probably 2 to 3 times as long to download it then it took them so it is slower internet it says 3G up on my little Wow up on top here when I’m on the internet when I’m not connected to my Wi-Fi at home it says 3G instead of 4G they do say at Virgin Mobile that it’s either 3G or 4G service that you get and just regular web browsing is kind of slow too now I’m reading directly from their website here so it’s unlimited data up to two-and-a-half gigabytes a month and then after that they slow you down to 2g speed I didn’t even know two G existed but it does and so they slow it way down also it says video streaming is limited to 600 kbps up to two-and-a-half gigabytes a month and then after that it gets even slower so they really don’t watch a streaming video over the the phone connection either it works fine for me because I any video stuff I do I do at home over my Wi-Fi so that’s it Virgin Mobile if you buy the iPhone they take five dollars off when you set it to auto renew if you buy any other phone you get that $5 discount so you have to have the iPhone sign up for the $35 a month plan and then give them a credit card to auto bill and it’ll be down to $30 a month and if you hate it you can take your phone and go elsewhere


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