Home PC Reviews 2018 Dell Alienware Gaming Products Reviewed: Area 51, Command Center and More

2018 Dell Alienware Gaming Products Reviewed: Area 51, Command Center and More

2018 Dell Alienware Gaming Products Reviewed: Area 51, Command Center and More

(low heart beating) – Hey guys, Dave here with Chris he is the director of marketing for Alienware. You guys make some amazing stuff so we we couldn’t pass up the chance to look at some of the cool stuff that Alienware has done.

So, Chris give us the give us the skinny you’ve got– – Yeah! – The Area 51 here, very recognizable device what’s new? – It’s our iconic design and we’re updating it with a second generation triad chassis.

Now you may be asking what is that all about? Well the triad chassis has become something that people know and love. We kept most of it the same the overall look and feel is here but we’ve made some really unique and custom updates that we think people are really going to enjoy.

– Alright let’s see ’em. – First and foremost, we actually got rid of the DVD slot. Low and behold gamers don’t use that much physical media so we got rid of it. It was unnecessary and taking up space.

Secondarily, what we did was we actually added a retention slot. We call this now tool-less graphics. The idea here is these obnoxious little screws that you have to use to get your graphics card out are gone.

With a simple retention module, we can snap that in place and you can interchange your graphics card without any use of a screwdriver and we know how hard it is to find a screwdriver sometimes, don’t we? – Yeah, just took us about 15 minutes.

So, the other thing that I love about the Alienware and Area 51 is the easy release. We have the case off obviously but it’s just like a car handle and it pops right off. I actually added some RAM and an SSD to mine at home super easy it took about, once you find the screw it took about two minutes.

– Yeah once you get there it’s super great. We’re also making some additions to the configurability of it and adding U.2 drives. So again Alienware and especially our Area 51 represent the most innovative products in the market and the most bleeding edge technology so of course we had to have some of the best storage options available.

So U.2 is added to this. – Just for anyone that doesn’t know, what does U.2 mean? What’s the benefit for a gamer or for an average user? – U.2 is going to be a specific storage device that is going to maximize the speed and accessibility of that storage data.

– Okay. – So U.2 is going to be the fastest on the market. – Sweet. Sign me up. – Right? Now the other thing about the new Area 51 isn’t necessarily on the inside but it’s the software. – Okay. – Often times we talk a lot about the hardware the performance, the bleeding edge technology but Alienware’s actually taken a real long look at our software and what people have known and loved about the Alienware command center we’ve actually rebuilt it from the ground up.

A really unique design with the idea of simplicity first. – I think you wanna show me don’t you? – I absolutely wanna show you. – Alright let’s take a look. So the command center is cutting your interface with all the unique things that Alienware does from a hardware standpoint makes I’m boiling this down if I’m totally– – You’re nailing it! – Alright cool.

– The point here is to give users simple and easy access to everything. In the past it’s been mostly about hardware being able to find your overclocking, your thermocontrol, setting your fan speeds you can still do that today what we’ve also added is this dashboard view.

This dashboard view is your center of your gaming universe. – [Dave] I have to give you some props like usually the stuff that gets designed in gaming dashboards doesn’t look this clean this is a very modern design, very simplistic and just looking at it, very approachable.

– We went above and beyond getting UX and UI designers to go out and really interview people and understand what works, what’s elegant, what’s simple. This design here gives you all the important facts about your system, what you need to know about the controls as well as your games library.

So we’ve integrated a games library it will scan your computer and you can launch any game from this. Now you can obviously go to Steam and Origin and YouPlay if you so desire, no reason not to do that.

But within the Alienware command center you can actually see the in game or the settings of the game that are tied to your hardware components. What I mean by that is let’s say you wanna play CS:GO and you wanna overclock it to make sure that you’re getting 200 frames per second you can tie dynamically those settings to that game through the Alienware command center.

You can see in this front dashboard which settings you have, which lighting profile have you set up, and you can be off and going immediately. – Which is pretty amazing I was talking to one of your colleagues earlier and he was talking about how customizing the settings to game that’s brand new with this – That’s right.

– and then even lighting and interaction the way that your device behaves on a very fundamental basis is tied to this command center. – It is and what’s great is this is also one ubiquitous platform that’s gonna go across all Alienware platforms coming out in 2018.

Now we’ve made some enhancements to AlienFX the lighting that goes along with all of the iconic designs of the Alienware platforms we’ve upgraded it because gamers asked they want their full 16.8 million color combinations of RGB.

– The blue wasn’t enough now we got a bunch of different colors on the gauge. – There’s millions of combinations now that we can add to it because of that a new micro-controller to control all those new lights so the new Alienware command center with the new AlienFX is gonna be available for platforms moving forward and anything we launch with the first new Area 51 available later this uh, later this February.

– Perfect. And I know that’s integrated to the monitor as well. It sounds like they’re trying to kick us out the Area 51 stuff and what Alienware has done is pretty phenomenal for the most demanding gamers you guys have some stuff for the every man too though, right? You got some cool stuff with Inspiron.

– Absolutely, we always realize that– – Kinda mosey this way, yeah? – Yeah we’ll saunter. Gaming is a hobby, it is a lifestyle and people love to game at all different price points. Not everyone can afford the Ferrari of gaming like Alienware and enter the Dell gaming or the Inspiron gaming line of products.

– And that’s this right here? – That’s this awesome box that we’re showing here so we’ve taken some of the design cues and some of the elements from Alienware things that we know gamers want, like and love we’ve added it to these platforms but we’ve done it all at a price point that is a little bit more mainstream and little bit more affordable.

So the platform that we’re looking at here starts at $749 but what’s really interesting is that for 50 more dollars at $799 you’ll have a full VR ready config. Ready to go. And when Dell says VR ready, we don’t mean for one particular type of VR it’s anything it’s Oculus, it’s HTC, it’s Windows Mixed Reality.

$799 and you can feel comfortable that any VR you throw at it, this rig will play it. – Which is pretty phenomenal, now up here I have to call it out, this is what I’ve been working on for about the past six months.

This is the Dell visor. – That’s it. – This is the Windows Mixed Reality VR headset, Mixed Reality headset, I gotta be careful on that one. But it’s great to see a tower some people still like a tower computer and especially in the gaming space– – That’s right.

– [Dave] The customization, the lighting, all of that I love what you guys have done with the creative use of the venting. This looks like a great software. – [Chris] We’ve added a clear side panel option obviously people like to show off their rigs this gives people the opportunity to look inside see what you got, talk about your stuff.

The platform itself though is very upgradeable and again that’s what people love about their desktop. Gamers want to keep up with the latest and greatest and so when you purchase it today a year down the road and video or AMD comes out with brand new graphics, you’re gonna have the ability to do it.

Now what’s unique about this platform is everyone remembers we launched this desktop gaming with the AMD Ryzen chipset we’re now offering this as an intel core i version. – Great. – So this starts with the intel core i3 and goes all the way up to i5 and i7 as well.

– But the $700-$799 price point you said has the 1060 chip and VR ready. – Yep. $799 gets you an intel core i5, 8 gigs of memory, and in video 1060 which is amazing for gaming in of itself and one terabyte of storage.

– What else do you need? (laughs) So I mean this sounds like a great option for someone who built their own PC in the past maybe wants to get back into gaming– – That’s right. – Game on a budget. – That’s it.

– Everybody has a budget. – You have to stick to it. – Yep, alright. Thanks guys! – My pleasure, thank you. – And we’ll see you soon. – Bye. – Cheers.


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