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19.5V AC/DC Adapter Replacement for Sony Bravia W600B 24” 32” 40” 42” 48” WXGA PRO Smart LED LCD HD TV 19.5VDC 3.05A 60W 3.85A 75W 4.36A 85W-90W ACDP-060E02 ACDP-085E02 KDL-40R510C R350B


Price: $16.99
(as of Oct 24,2020 23:16:31 UTC – Details)

EPtech® Platinum Quality Features:

* Overload Protection with High Quality Wires
* Over-charge/discharge protection
* Overheating Protection with Smart Chip
* Anti-Interference Feature with better Isolation Materials
* Short-circuit protection
* Fully compatible with the original adapter
* Tested with strict quality control standards

Buy with confidence!

* 24 Month Warranty
* Ship the same or next business day Guaranteed
* 24 x 7 Email Support
* 100% New Components – never refurbished, recycles, or used
* 100% OEM Compatible – Guaranteed to meet the specifications of your original device

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19.5V AC / DC Adapter Replacement For Sony Bravia W600B W-600B 24” 32” 40” 42” 48” WXGA X-Reality PRO Smart LED LCD TV HDTV 4K UHD KDL-24 KDL-32 KDL-40 KDL-42 P/N : ACDP-045S03, ACDP-060S01, ACDP-060S03, ACDP-060E02, ACDP-085E02, ACDP-085E03, ACDP-085N02, ACDP-085S03 19.5VDC 4.7A 90W (19.5 V 3.05A 60W / DC19.5V 3.85A 75W / 19.5 Volts 4.36A 85W / 19.5Volts 2.35A 45W Compatible) Power Supply Cord Cable PS Battery Charger Mains PSU
Compatible with : Sony Bravia KDL-24 KDL-32 KDL-24W600A KDL-24W60xA KDL-32R300B KDL-32R300C KDL-32R304B KDL-32R410B KDL-32R413B KDL-32R415B KDL-32R420B KDL-32R430B KDL-32R435B KDL-32R500C KDL-32R505C KDL-32W600A KDL-32W600D KDL-32W603A KDL-32W605A KDL-32W607A KDL-32W60xA KDL-32W650A KDL-32W654A KDL-32W655A KDL-32W656A KDL-32W658A KDL-32W65xA KDL-32W670A KDL-32W674A KDL-32W700 KDL-32W700B KDL-32W705B KDL-32W705C KDL-32W706B KDL32W600D;
Compatible with : Sony Bravia KDL-40 KDL-40W KDL-42 Series: KDL-40R47 KDL-40R350B KDL-40R470B KDL-40R480B KDL-40R510C KDL-40R550C KDL-40W580B KDL-40W590B KDL-40W600B KDL-40W650D KDL-40R450A KDL-40R510C KDL-40R550C KDL-42W650A KDL-42W657A KDL-42W658A KDL-42W65xA KDL-42W674A KDL-42W700B KDL-42W800B KDL-42W807B KDL40R47 KDL40R350B KDL40R470B KDL40R480B KDL40R510C KDL40R550C KDL40W580B KDL40W590B KDL40W600B KDL40W650D KDL-40W659D KDL40W659D KDL40R450A KDL40R510C KDL40R550C Smart LED LCD HDTV Screen
Compatible with : Sony Bravia 24” 32” 40” 42” 48” KDL-40R510C LED TV LCD HDTV R350B, R470B, W600B, W650A, W657A, W658A, W658A, W65xA, W674A, W700B, W800B, W807B, R470B, W600B, W600D, W650D Series ) KDL-24 KDL-32 KDL-40 KDL-42 KDL-48 KDL-55 W65D KDL-48W600B KDL-48W650D KDL-48W-650D KDL-48R470B KDL-48R483B KDL-48R550C KDL-48R510C KDL-48W580B KDL-48W590B KDL48W600B KDL48W650D KDL48R470B KDL48R483B KDL48R550C KDL48R510C KDL48W580B KDL48W590B WXGA X-Reality PRO Smart LED/LCD TV/HDTV/4K UHD


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