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$189 Unlocked Amazon Fire Phone Review, Free Case – The Deal Guy

$189 Unlocked Amazon Fire Phone Review, Free Case  – The Deal Guy

Hi. I’m Matt Granite… the YouTube Deal Guy. If you are subscriber, first of all you are one of my favorite people on earth, and you know that you get deals before any one who watches me on TV or USA Today, and you are also now getting access to deals I don’t see anywhere else like the Amazon Fire phone deal drop.

Now keep in mind that none of what I show is a product placement, we don’t make a dime of commission, I don’t care what you buy. There is a link to grab every deal I profile right under this video window.

Hi Mountain Lion! Look at her. She came back in to the studio. Hi. Now back to the fire phone. Technical eye candy. Now look at the price drop you can now see on your screen. It’s $250 off. Usually retails for $450.

Now $199 – on par with both the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal drops. My favorite thing other than the price drop and case deals which are $14.99 is that all the features included in the prime membership come with the phone.

You get countless other features but I’m going to stop labeling them otherwise I may just sound like a commercial for Amazon. Now I want to show you some of the features I like other than the ones publicized on TV.

I like the dynamic perspective so you do have 3D capabilities. I also find the app store is improving very quickly. In terms of the music and movies and how quickly things buffer, I’ve been impressed with this too.

For example, the “Man in the high castle”… let’s click watch and in seconds, it’s playing. Faster than any service I’ve tested including Netflix on this device. That’s nice, the Twitter app, all those other things.

Another deal drop today…. the Amazon Fire TV. $84 plus free shipping. Not as significant as the Fire Phone but that deal is pretty good. A lot of people also wondering, how does the speaker perform? Let’s go to Madilyn Bailey, a great YouTube Singer ….

I’d say the music quality is good. Obviously you’re not going to blast this through your home but with headphones, it’s great. There you go. Thanks for watching! If you want more inside deals or exclusive access to savings… wow that’s a mouthful….

just click the subscribe button, please feel free to like these videos and I really appreciate you being here. And if you want first access to my exclusive deals, hit that subscribe button. That will make sure you get the biggest deals first.

Thank you so much for watching.


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