Home Camera Reviews 16MP 1080p @ 60fps microscope camera review.

16MP 1080p @ 60fps microscope camera review.

16MP 1080p @ 60fps microscope camera review.

here’s a quick review of a new microscope camera that I am gonna try out this is a 16 megapixel it’s supposed to do 1080 at 60 frames it was $199 from seller lapse son underscore kit on ebay and it came quick it was directly from China free shipping got it in six days so let’s check this thing out and it’s since it is direct from China you know you never really know what you’re gonna get so we’ll see if it is as good as its supposed to be early I wrap this thing up tight pretty much waterproof don’t they here is an HDMI cable and this is going to be the USB cable says high quality and here is the camera yep it’s definitely pink I didn’t really plan on buying pink but it was cheaper than the blue one I liked cheaper got a protector over the lens and this is remote and power supply and SD card oh and software so here it is just hooked up through the HDMI to a TV and while it is working the picture quality is fine it’s not blowing me away or anything but the problem I’m having is the difference between what I can see from the eyepiece to what the camera is displaying the camera is so much more zoomed in that it’s almost unusable let me see if I could get this in here in the view to see if that will show you what I mean so in the viewfinder I can see that entire LCD connector but the camera can only see just barely half of it I’m not sure if that’s normal or not I do have the digital zoom all the way out here it’s kind of hand it kind of like the remote but this is digital zoomed in and digital zoom down all the way and that’s as far as it goes I’m gonna go ahead and record some video let’s see if I can find the right button here okay so should be up on the screen there looks like it’s recording I’m gonna go ahead and save that to the SD card and play that at the end of the video you


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