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1080p eBay Action Camera Review

1080p eBay Action Camera Review

Hello everybody and welcome back it’s CivilGuy here and today we have an unboxing as well as a review of the 1080p sports camera well yes you guessed it that’s actual raw footage from the 1080p sports camera itself and I’ll be frank with you I’m not quite pleased with this purchase so as you can tell from the box it looks very generic there’s not any branding any specific branding on the box so you can easily tell that this is not a product that somebody wants to put their name on now under the listing on eBay I noticed the quite a few discrepancies I noticed that the specifications on the website were not exactly matching up with what was in the box that was sent to me was I given the wrong model or was where all the cameras like this I mean I have no clue but the fact is I’m certainly not pleased with these results you’ll know why later but for now let’s go ahead with the unboxing so right from the top you can easily tell that this box does look pretty cheap you’ll notice easily that you’ll see that if you have the same model that I have it has some dude surfing on a surfboard and I mean the image looks kind of stretched out so it doesn’t look like it’s been made professionally also I noticed some wrong information on the back of the package it said 1080p video at 15 frames per second and then 720p video at 30 frames per second on the website it didn’t say that at all it said 30 frames at 1080p and then 60 frames at 720p so I don’t know what’s going on there so as you can tell here’s the camera body itself it feels kind of weighted which is probably a good thing it comes with this little strap here and we also have a a quick-release plate for the camera I guess you could peel this off and it has some adhesive backing so you can lay it flat on some surface we also have a attachment so you can actually place this on let’s say your bicycle handlebars that looks useful we also have here a it appears it’s an empty bag I wonder why that’s there okay and so now we have okay we have some knob it’s an extra piece of some sort and we also have a tripod mount for camera that’s why it has that thread right there this cable is used to charge the device it’s just a microUSB and here are some extra adhesive pads and here is another knob that you can use to twist onto the device and last but not least here is the instruction manual basically it says in plain English how to set set up the camera out to turn it on that kind of stuff so it’s not really necessary I think it’s pretty intuitive how how the camera works I have to say I’m very impressed by the design I mean you can easily tell that this company gained inspiration from the original GoPro ok so now I’m going to pop the camera outside of its case to view the camera body itself there’s a big huge two inch screen on the back side which actually it’s not that bad it’s but it’s not that good either but it still is something that you could use to set up your camera shot we have a microUSB a mini HDMI and micro SD card slot and then on the other side we have two volume rockers or buttons to maneuver through the menu and on the top we have a ok button so you can make your selections and then on the front we have the power one button so you can actually turn it on the LCD screen is not the worst in the world but it’s not even the greatest it does however still give you a good image but that’s solely based on what I see for the LCD screen so I’m going to go ahead and do a few tests but first I need to insert a card but let’s go ahead and maneuver through the menu as you can tell it’s not that impressive I actually wanted to give this camera or a few reasons 1/4 of HD quality video as well as time lapses I really wanted to get that kind of photography and right when I check the menu there was no option for it so obviously I was kind of disappointed so earlier in the week I actually went to Best Buy and bought this micro SD card just for this camera because I wanted to do some extensive tests with it I think 32 gigs is probably overkill but I think it’s pretty decent um I think the max for this camera is actually 32 gigs alright I had to reverse the SD card since I placed it in the wrong way okay so now that the SD card is in the camera we can actually take some pictures oh my gosh uh I don’t know if you can see what I can see but that’s not necessarily good yeah based on the description on the eBay listing it said 12 megapixels I know megapixels aren’t everything but I can tell you now it only says 5 megapixels on this camera that’s the max you can do but ultimately I think there’s a bigger problem here other than just the megapixel problem this is a relatively well-lit area and sadly the image still looks this poor that’s pretty sad we respected our Hardware here’s the battery it’s really easy to replace it’s kind of cheaply made too but you know what do you expect all right so here’s some more test footage I think you all need to see this because I was expecting 1080p footage I don’t know about you but this doesn’t look like 1080p footage to me this is raw footage right from the camera and as you can tell it’s not very impressive at all the color recreation eye it’s just bad it’s not good at all so you might be wondering should you buy this I think you should already know my answer by now it’s a plane no I mean a bulb no just a bold note please don’t buy this it’s less than 20 bucks on eBay there are so many sellers that are selling this device I believe it’s a knockoff of a knockoff there was a never camera called the sj4000 that was actually a good I would say knockoff of the original GoPro but apparently there were some remakes of that camera of the sj4000 and so that’s where you get that knockoff of a knock off concept from and it’s pretty bad I will say this these sellers are deceiving their customers and I’m sure I’m not the only one who asked for a refund but a lot of these sellers they’re telling the the customers hey we’ll give you a $5 refund or we’ll give you 2% refund or whatever and it sounds ridiculous I I wouldn’t even take this product feel free I’m sorry I have no use for this I see what you’re doing here it seems like this company is scamming people and whoever’s making these cameras they just need to stop it I mean you’re taking advantage of so many people and a lot of folks I’m sure they don’t want to go through the hassle of having to ship this back or return it but I’m hoping the company at some point they’ll watch this video or you people out there or who are watching this video will send this to those sellers and let them know that you need to stop producing these garbage cameras because they’re not doing anything but wasting our time and wasting our money the products in I would say the plastic pieces that come with the box actually not that bad but I guess that’s where you get most of your money’s worth I’m not sure if this these products are actually compatible with a typical GoPro camera but it might work for some people they may think oh well you’re getting what you’re paying for I mean what do you expect a camera for less than $20 well I’ll tell you this I expected a whole lot I mean I haven’t seen a whole lot of good reviews on these cameras in the first place lo and behold I was very wrong and sadly I’ve wasted a lot of my time going back and forth between the seller about this issue so I would say hold off on this I’m not too pleased I kind of thought that you know based on what I’ve read in the description and also on the title it would be what it’s claimed it would be and sadly I was mistaken and as usual I just want to say thank at everybody for taking the time to watch this video leave a thumbs up if you found it very helpful and also leave a comment down below expressing any concerns or just telling me what you think about this video in general also I really hope this video explained to you why it’s important to look at reviews read them also going YouTube to see if people have actually used the camera and have actually produced clips so that you can see what the actual footage would look like if you were to buy it and if you want to see more content always to push that subscribe button it really does help out thank you very much


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