Home Phone Reviews 📱 USB Charge Cable Phone Review ◄ Universal for iPhone & Android!!

📱 USB Charge Cable Phone Review ◄ Universal for iPhone & Android!!

📱 USB Charge Cable Phone Review ◄ Universal for iPhone & Android!!

today the best charger ever it charges everything Apple Android every hats everything hi I’m the YouTube deal guy Matt granite and I’m intern Amy in our hands right now something absolutely revolutionary yeah I have never heard of this before or seen it I’m so shocked when we got this been testing this item probably for about seven months now a charger that will fit basically into anything the same end fits into Apple and it’s like a head bed everything look beautiful I hunt down huge daily deals no companies pay us to talk about them and right now we are at the YouTube studios hence the background facelift you see some new spaces just two why are we here we’re here to shoot videos that they’re awesome for all of our subscribers and it’s exciting and it’s free I love free shooting space Thank You YouTube before we get to this deal I want to mention we’re also giving this away as a freebie to subscribers always we always give everything away to subscribers we have three to give away if you are not yet subscribed subscribe turn notifications on Amy and I will do the giveaway at the end of this video now this cable which is three feet long under $10 is a transmit and charging cable it is approved and certified to work with Apple the iPhone 6 the 6s that new yet to be released iPhone Android everything they get the point then we’re gonna give you a full demo in a moment but with regards to the reviews of this item the more recent reviews of this item are very positive I think maybe the first batch had a little bit of trial and error attached to it but I’ve been using one cable now for more than six months and now for the power test I’m going to plug this in to a power source and charging awesome we’re going to take the exact same cord and plug it into Amy’s iPhone yes I felt the vibration and it felt great now it’s good about this court is it’s got a bungee cord material to it so it can be bent and like twisted around things I would easily pay 20 bucks with this me and my roommate this would probably split the price because we all have different phones but Matt the way that I deal so I never would just buy one for myself tangle free and I would say that if you are watching right now and you are a hotel or a school or someone that needs to stop cords good point this is the grab one in USB the other micro USB lightning whatever it is you want to call it heaven sent now we usually do a subscriber dance to celebrate the winners and give all of you else something else to look at but since we’re in chairs we’re gonna do the winning spin are you ready I’m so ready first the random subscriber giveaway using two buddies pick a winner tool the subscribers with their notifications on Karen congratulations you’ve won a huge congrats goes out to Tamika and our third winner congratulations goes to Scott just email support at Matt’s daily deals.

com and we will send this out and now for the spin yeah you won a great job Amy thank you so much for watching congratulations we I’m gonna vomit Amy it’s I’m not it’s just like a roller coaster gone wrong are you yeah there you go all right that’s good actually never puke before fun fact ever no never you never had bird flu thrown up I’ve never I’ve liked dry heaved but I’ve never thrown up so anyone who’s never thrown up leave a comment below and tell me you relate to me Amy I don’t know if you know this but our release schedule we released most of these videos around breakfast oh it’s like 10 o’clock so it’s like after breakfast problem it depends what time zone you’re off for cycle at 7:00 oh that’s true I’m sorry if I were into anyone’s meal yeah we did thank you so much for watching it’s amazing to have you here we have more huge tech deals right around the corner and if you would like to watch me abused Matt more by what’s making him spin in chairs and do other stupid stuff let me know in the comment section yeah want to win an awesome item I test for free it’s simple subscribe turn your notifications on on a desktop it looks like this once your notifications are turned for your desktop or on a mobile platform where it looks like this if you hear me call your name you get that item delivered to you for free and for those of you that want to buy any of my hot deals expand the description box right under the video window all the links you need are right there


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