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Как работает Android на ТВ за 330$? ▶️ Обзор телевизора Skyworth 32E6 | COMFY

Как работает Android на ТВ за 330$? ▶️ Обзор телевизора Skyworth 32E6 | COMFY

Hello! As you know, in our market not so long ago the Chinese Skyworth, which also supplies televisions. It would seem that, it is often unpretentious inconspicuous state employees who satisfy average requests user But in fact, everything is in times more interesting.

Support android tv on the LCD is not an innovation, rather something familiar to everyone. But what about optimization? Do we have the ability to play absolutely all applications on a large matrix? And my Answer – Yes, we can! For example, using a TV from Skyworth.

Today we look at the 32-inch model of the E6 series of this brand. Go to the design. One of the distinguishing features is thin and neat frame. Lower slightly thicker the rest is made of aluminum. Like the v-shaped legs.

From the aesthetic point The view looks stylish. The back panel is slightly angular, stands out noticeably. among the same 32 inch lg and samsung. The dimensions are standard for this diagonal. What is of interest is impact resistant glass.

The assembly is completed, I would say, well. Nothing bends, does not swing. This is true for families with small children and animals. Anyway, if you intend use on a stand, not a fastener on the wall.

At the heart of the Skyworth 32E6 IPS screen matrix in conjunction with full hd by permission. It gives an impressive color rendition of brightness and wide angles A view of 176 degrees. Plus the fact that with a long viewing of your favorite movies eyes almost never get tired.

The image is not different poisonous colors, almost as in the best traditions of sony. In work system failure was not observed. Heart of this models cortex a-53 quad-core processor with a frequency of 1.

5 gigahertz, 2.5 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal memory. But remember, I first touched optimization? It is she who makes the perfect tandem with a good iron in this price segment. The fact of the matter is that Skyworth has signed a contract with google, which develops specifically for her android tv.

In this case, we have version 8.0. In practice, this means not only cool speed but also the aforementioned application optimization from the same playlist. On this TV pour Most of the applications have managed, poyuzat various messengers, you can even toys upload is not too demanding.

In this regard, google voice assistant Assistant in this lineup works beyond exactly. Constantly updated and sharpened. under 88 languages. Touching management in general, I want to say that everything is intuitively.

Traditional remote control, in addition to all the usual buttons, are placed also hotkeys – call voice help, youtube and google play. The interface on the “bare” Android does not cause unnecessary questions.

Everything The main widgets are placed conveniently. Of the cool features here, there is also technology Chromecast built-in and Miracast Wifi. I I would say that this does not occur everywhere. Broadcast any content from a phone or tablet to TV – no problem.

And again, comparing with others, smart tv in Skyworth download everything instantly. But what is a special miracast chip, for example? Not files are transferred, but directly video signal packets in a certain format.

That is, it is possible not only wireless content playback files, it is also a direct duplicate display of the screen of the smartphone. Feedback video transmission from the TV to the screen of the mobile device too available, if that.

A few words about media player. Codec support range not allowed call meager among other things html format is available 5. In a word, you can download any site in the same google and get user-friendly interface with optimization to control the standard remote.

And this true advantage. Not every smart is capable of that. Presented model entirely provides a convenient connection. Built-in module Wi-Fi, and bluetooth support. Briefly go through the connectors.

Three HDMI, two USB outputs, among them, 3.0. Composite, minijack, LAN, CI + and antenna. Their enough to connect all the right periphery at the same time. By the way, built-in tv tuners include and analog, and digital, including DVB-T2 and DVB-C.

Well, the cherry on the cake Skyworth 32E6 – surround sound. Not 2 but 4 are embedded in this model. dynamics. They give out 20 watts. Not the best the indicator will be frank, but still I’m glad the stereo effect.

He also plus everything contributed to the support of competitive formats digital theater system and dolby digital. I think it’s hard to combine the head, but still the fact remains a fact. I heard that with the first deliveries ruler E6 had difficulty with sound control which is frankly worked incorrectly.

Over time, this problem was eliminated and I personally had a chance to test it for yourself. Let’s sum up. Should I pay attention to brands little known to a wide audience? The unique TV Skyworth 32E6 confirmation of this.

He has something to stand out among competitors. And it’s definitely worth paying attention to it, if only because well optimized android tv on board, Chromecast support, stereo and in my opinion modern stylish design.

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